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Did you know staying hydrated can keep the shivering during winters under control? #FortisFacts
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Why worry about cash when our new MyFortis app lets you pay online! Download the app now.
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If you love listening to music, you are doing the right thing...
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For the health of your life and your family, quit smoking! #HealthMatters
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On International Day for People with Disability, Dr. Samir Parikh sheds light on the need to promote an understanding of people affected by a disability and mobilize support for their well-being. #MindSpace

International Day for People with Disability.

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#BitGivingImpact | "In mid-September, 4-year-old Maruf walked into the Sahpathi Health Camp, and was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disorder. We knew that Maruf needed a heart surgery to mend the two holes in his heart.

Maruf was admitted at Fortis Gurgaon on 10th November, his surgery took place on the 16th, and was discharged on the 22nd. He has now completely recovered and visited our...
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Don’t forget to have a bowl of pomegranate today! #HealthTip
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Do your act of kindness today. Pledge to be an organ donor. #MoreToGive

Take the Pledge Now.

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Volunteers from across the Fortis network came together to offer respite to those standing in long queues to withdraw cash on salary day. Volunteers from Fortis Charitable Foundation have been rendering this SEWA since demonetization came into effect.
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Our expert Dr. Samir Parikh, Director, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences is organizing a series of workshops for children of schools in a bid to promote emotional well-being during the testing season of exams. Here are the details. #MindSpace
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#WeBelieve changing your old habits can be hard. But not when you know that the results will be favourable!
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Most of the world’s total population lives in such countries, where obesity kills more people than being underweight does.
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Relationships are investments over a period of time. And when you approach them with concern, care and value, you can cherish the returns with a smile. #MindSpace

Building Relationships in the Digital World.

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Eating healthy can help you prevent obesity. You should limit the total fat intake and shift your daily fat consumption from saturated fats to the unsaturated ones.
On World AIDS Day, the blog by Dr. Samir Parikh emphasizes on the need to recognize the impact of this syndrome on our society. #MindSpace

World AIDS Day.

Not only has obesity doubled, but is also on a continuous rise. However, by using proper measures, it is easy to curb the same
Source: WHO
Regular exercise is one of the best methods to prevent obesity. Prevention is always better than cure.