Kidney transplant in kids requires them to be at least 5 years old. At FMRI, we are performing transplants in children as young as 2 years old and achieving a 97% success with a multidisciplinary team approach of Urologists, Nephrologists, and Pediatric Intensivists.

Pediatric Renal Transplantation | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Illnesses affecting adults are treated by their specialised doctors. Likewise, there are different kinds of pediatricians for different illnesses afflicting kids. Get your child the right doctor.

Pediatric Super Specialities | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
What does minimally invasive surgery mean? Why opt for Robotic surgery? Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Robotic surgery.

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The highest calories fast food is a milkshake. Replace it with a fruit smoothie.
Are you facing trouble feeding your baby? Do your kids vomit out milk or are chronically diarrhoeic? It could be due to Lactose Intolerance, the inability to digest milk. Learn its symptoms and diagnosis.

Lactose/Milk Intolerance | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Don’t do it because you’re tired of being called a ‘couch potato’. Do it because being active and adventurous is how you pictured your life.
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Beat Gynecological cancer with greater precision and 3D vision which gives a detailed view to the surgeon.
This enhances access and results in lesser trauma and faster recovery- learn more about Robotic Surgery from Dr. Rama Joshi.
Know the signs for the most common childhood cancers. Being cautious is being brave and helpful. So don’t sit back. Start with us
Don’t do it because you feel society doesn't approve of your size. Do it because being a mother is the most important feeling for you.
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Did you know that in some cases, a patient is able to walk within next day of a Robotic surgery and is discharged on the second or third day?
A newborn’s skin care is influenced by past experience, customs, and culture.
Nonetheless, it needs special attention to prevent infections during infancy. Learn everything about it.

Care of new born skin | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
To continue the tradition of finest healthcare services delivery, we have onboard a Bone Marrow transplant team with a track record of more than 400 successful bone marrow transplants.
Urological cancers, pediatric reconstructions and kidney transplant procedures get a shot in the arm with robotic hands. Know more from Dr. Sanjay Gogoi
In a time when both obesity and malnutrition are health issues, the easiest way out is to inculcate regular and healthy breakfast habits in kids.
Learn more about it.

Healthy Breakfast for Children | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Meet the Miracle workers of Bone Marrow surgeries - Dr. Rahul Bhargava and his Bone Marrow transplant team. FMRI stands much stronger against leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma than ever before.
Ever thought of a surgery accompanied with minimal scarring and a shorter hospital stay? Know more about Robotic Surgery.
We have just leveled up our game: Presenting a brand new set of hands, Dr. Rahul Bhargava and his Bone Marrow transplant team. Meet the first Indian doctor to transplant stem cells in multiple sclerosis and a team that has performed more than 400 bone marrow transplants.