Children have questions, and those with Epilepsy even more. Broach the subject with utmost confidence and clarity. Here’s how to get started.

Is my child suffering from Epilepsy (Mirgi)? | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Do kids who are healthy, active, and eating well need to be Immunized?
How long does immunity last after getting a vaccine?
Which are the optional vaccines?

Vaccination is the most effective measure to protect your child from a disease!
Know more about it.

Presenting a health talk with our Paediatrician
Dr. Poonam Sachdev

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Mandatory & Optional Vaccines for Children

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If it’s anywhere, it’s everywhere.
#WorldTuberculosisDay #FMRI
Get up to speed with TB facts. Comment the true statement.
#FMRI #tuberculosis
Do you know what TB is and how it spreads? Let’s find out.
#FMRI #tuberculosis
Those who change the world always view it differently. People with Down’s syndrome do that. Do you have the courage to view their extra chromosome differently and change the world?
#FMRI #WorldDownSyndromeDay
The single solution for a whole list of weight-related complications. Say "good bye" to obstructive sleep apnea, joint pains, and more, with a simple bariatric surgery procedure.
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1% infants are born with some form of congenital heart disease. Always go for Foetal Echo and arm yourself with all possible precautions.
#FMRI #Health

Congenital Heart Disease: Facts | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Good sleeping habits are as important in the proper development of a child as are diet, exercise, and learning. Make them fall asleep naturally by following these tips.
#FMRI #Health

Good Night, Sleep Tight | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Struggle with insomnia every night? Ensure sleep hygiene with good habits that promote restful, effective sleep. Here are 10+ expert-approved tips.

Sleep Hygiene | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Granny is always right! If you’re looking to increase your stamina to climb up those stairs, chuck sugar and take up honey.
Spotting or heavy period, if it’s not the time for it to happen, it shouldn’t happen. And if it’s happening, then why are you still waiting? Post-Menopausal Bleeding is not normal.

Postmenopausal Bleeding Or Spotting – Is It A Cause For Concern? | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Bariatric surgery - Do it because running 5k for a cause is more important. Not for designer dresses.
#FMRI #BariatricSurgery
May the vibrant hues of good health always colour your life and the lives of those you love with joy. From the entire team at Fortis, Gurgaon, we wish you a very Happy Holi!
#FMRI #HappyHoli
Don't turn a blind eye to the signs and symptoms of Glaucoma.
#FMRI #worldglaucomaweek
If you have a history of hypertension, diabetes, or recurrent urinary infections, then you’re at a higher risk for kidney disease. Get yourself tested and nip it in the bud.

Rising Incidence of Kidney Disease in India | Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Glaucoma is invisible. And if not treated in time, it could turn your world invisible too. A timely eye test is vital.
#FMRI #WorldGlaucomaWeek