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Foster's India
12/08/2016 at 13:43. Facebook
Are you an #ExtraColdRefreshment seeker?
Foster's India
12/05/2016 at 08:09. Facebook
Look at the extra cold refreshments, look how they shine for you!
Sale or no sale, when it comes to an #ExtraColdRefreshment, there is only one choice - Foster’s!​
Mates before dates always! Agree?
Nothing beats an extra cold refreshment mate! Agree?
Foster’s! An extra cold refreshment that is always happy to ‘assist’!
By the Refreshment of the Extra Coldeth" Foster's- Guaranteed to cast a spell on you!
Vision on or off, It’s never a problem to spot a cold one mate.
We know you like a good freeze, let’s have some fun, mate. Test your skills and #StayRefreshed
“One drink to freeze them all."
Tell us mate, do you have the ring pull power with you?
When the snowflake appears, the extra cold one will leave it’s home forever.

A refreshing fact!
Nếu cổ tay bạn có 2 hay 3 đường thì bạn thuộc vào những người rất may mắn đó!

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