Caturdays are for daydreamers
Shouldn't everyday be puppy day? ❀
Congrats to Save Our Shelter on its Daytime Emmys nomination! Thankful to be part of this show with an incredible mission! #rescuelife
Name our newest puppies! Cast your vote in the comment! Happy Puppy Day! Visit to adopt
If you’re looking to bring some positive energy into your life, you can’t do much better than a puppy! I mean look at these guys... #NationalPuppyDay
"Puppy Proofing" is just one way to show your love. We're looking forward to showing our love by celebrating puppies tomorrow (and every day)!

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Melissa from Adopt & Shop is back to share how to safely brush your cat so you can have a #DIY #TransformationTuesday!

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How to Brush a Cat

Keep your kitty looking pretty! Learn the best way to brush your cat from our pet professionals and watch more in our How To series. We're a non-profit with ...

Say "pittie puppy pile-up" five times in a row
Children with pets tend to have greater self-esteem, less loneliness and enhanced social skills.

Study: Family Pets Boost Child Development
We had a GREAT #SundayFunday on the #Cattywagon at Mar Vista Farmers' Market! Check out Pierre and his new mom! ❀
Happy #Caturday! If you’re in LA, join us on the #Cattywagon at Mar Vista Farmers' Market tomorrow!
It's always a blessing to see good pets go to good families!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Which of our Adopt & Shop pets will get lucky and find a forever home today?
Who is luckier? The pet who gets adopted or the person who adopts the pet? What do you think?
Learn how to protect your dogs from ear infections. Special thanks to Norbert for being such a good sport and Melissa for demonstrating.

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We had to share this guy, check out that mohawk!
Make sure they get home safely no matter where home is. :) Don't forget to update your pet's microchip information at!

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