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Here at home #ScottishCousin offers the best of both worlds to real scotch lovers- unpretentious Scottish flavours without having to wear a skirt!
Beginners' Guide to Whisky Step 5

Did you know the tongue tastes the primary flavours informed by the scents that the nose identifies?

Tip: Importantly, the tongue also identifies the mouth feel, or viscosity, from light and delicate to full and heavy

Beginners’ Guide to Whisky: Step 4

Did you know water triggers a chemical reaction that opens up the dense whisky flavours?

Tip: One should nose again as the bouquet will have changed somewhat.

Beginners’ Guide to Whisky Step 3

Did you know that the 32 primary smells that the nose can pick up helps you identify the elements in, and style of, the whisky?

Tip: Take care not to nose too vigorously as full-strength whisky is pungent and volatile

Beginners’ Guide to Whisky Step 2

Did you know the whisky’s colour is drawn from the type of wood used for its maturation?
Tip: Colour isn’t an indicator of age or flavour

Beginners’ Guide to Whisky Step 1:

Did you know the shape of the glass influences the appreciation of aromas?

Tip: A tulip shape best focuses the variety of scents and concentrates them on the mouth of the glass.
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En ons wenner van 4x kaartjies na die premier van JAGVELD in Pretoria is... Didi Smith
We are loving the TipsyGypsy's review on the @ Four Cousins restaurant. Thank you!
We look forward to hosting you again :)

The Tipsy Gypsy - Four Cousins Restaurant in Robertson

En ons wenner van 4x kaartjies na die premier van JAGVELD in Bloemfontein is... Corne Viljoen
Join us this Saturday at Makro Woodmead for the
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Makro Woodmead | 25 February 2017 | 11h00 – 14h00
En ons wenner van 4x kaartjies na die premier van JAGVELD in Potchefstroom is... Corlette Oelofse
The first 2017 #SauvignonBlanc Van Loveren now available for tasting at @Four Cousins; Robertson
You will not be able to resist the bold malt flavours with its satisfying bitterness! Boet Craft Beer; the perfect cuzzie to share around the braai or boys' poker night this week...
En ons wenner van 4x kaartjies na die premier van JAGVELD in George is... Lelanie Basson
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