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12/06/2016 at 14:40. Facebook
FOUR PAWS Undercover research: puppy sale on the streets of Vienna

It is not uncommon to hear of puppies are being sold on side of the street or in car parks. Many of these sales are organised by unscrupulous sellers via online classified ad sites. Inadequate regulations make these sites an ideal environment for the trade in illegally transported animals.

The stark reality behind these...
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12/05/2016 at 11:53. Facebook
Pashuk enjoying Monday morning at our Bear Sanctuary Prishtina :)
12/02/2016 at 12:08. Facebook
Special offer! Between now and midnight on Sunday 4th December Teemill are offering a free pair of bamboo socks with any orders over £15 from our online shop.

Just spend over £15 & use the code: Socky

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12/02/2016 at 09:45. Facebook
Witness the shocking moment our team is attacked while investigating one of the largest mass puppy farms in Belgium!

A terrifying scene which shows the dark side of the pet trade. Whining, barking dogs in plastic boxes with no space to move around, cowering beneath the beam of the unnatural light.

Many of these puppies will likely be sold online on various classifieds ad sites. FOUR PAWS UK...
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Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving.

Help raise awareness and vital funds for animals around the world by making a #GivingTuesday donation to FOUR PAWS today.

Please donate via: [ Bit.ly Link ]
In London today? Pop down and see us at the Tate Christmas Market where we have a stand raising awareness of our work to tackle the issues around the online pet trade. Hope to see some of you there :)
Lift the covers on the horror behind down which could be ending up in bedrooms across the UK #40lives

FOUR PAWS UK will have a stand at the Tate Christmas Market in London tomorrow.

Look out for our dog suit and do come and say hello :D

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Get free postage on any items ordered from our epic new clothing range today: [ Teemill.co.uk Link ]

Want to look cool and help animals at the same time? Then why not check out our new clothing brand, designed and made by ethical clothing brand Teemill.

Loads of great designs available, just in time for Christmas ;)

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FOUR PAWS research has found that many UK bedding manufacturers and retailers simply can't guarantee that the down in their products does not come from animals that have either had their feathers forcibly plucked while they are still alive, or from those that are force-fed for the production of foie gras. That is because they rely on weak, questionable traceability standards which in no way...
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Great article, including some amazing new pics of Laziz enjoying his new home at our LIONSROCK sanctuary in South Africa! So heartwarming to see him thrive in his new setting after years living in a tiny cage.

Lonely tiger taken from world's worst zoo in Gaza enjoys new freedom

It's clearly time the UK Government finally banned the use of wild animals in circuses once and for all!

Britain's last lion tamer accused of animal cruelty after secret film

Definitely the only kind of "lion shoot" we ever want to see! Please share if you agree #FourPawsUKis10 #BanCannedHunting

[ Four-paws.org.uk Link ]
Success! Together with the Albanian Ministry of the Environment (Ministria e Mjedisit) and the local authorities, we have managed to confiscate Jeta the “selfie bear” from her dreadful keeping conditions.

Jeta has now been chipped, vaccinated and provided with veterinary treatment. This follows the successful rescue of another bear, Luna, yesterday.

Sadly, the years of bad keeping have...
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Our team has removed Jeta's nosering and chain, ending years of agony for the bear.

When she awakens from her anaesthetic, she will finally be able to move independently without being guided by the chain. #savethesaddestbears
NEXT RESCUE: you may have already seen pictures of poor “selfie-bear” Jeta, used by her owner as a photo prop for tourists to have their picture taken with.

Today we hope to bring her suffering to an end! A FOUR PAWS team is currently on its way to hopefully recuse Jeta. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out as well as yesterday’s rescue of Luna! As usual we will...
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Great news! Luna the bear has been rescued from her terrible conditions! Amazing work from the whole team!