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Awesome photo from our Bear Sanctuary Prishtina in Kosovo included in The Guardian's 'The week in wildlife - in pictures'!

The week in wildlife – in pictures
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Do you recognise Gjina? Last year we managed to save her from horrible conditions and look at her now! Since then she's gained a lot of weight and seems more relaxed than ever. However Gjina won't hibernate this year because the new surroundings at Bear Sanctuary Prishtina are still new to her. But as you can see in this video, she has a lot of toys from our animal caretakers to keep her...
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Great news as the USA's largest circus show will close once and for all! Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey will close its doors forever, after failing to develop an innovative show without animals.

This should also send a clear signal for European circuses: the future belongs to circus companies without wild animals!

Animal activists finally have something to applaud at Ringling Bros. circus: Its closure
Despite the challenges of winter, construction of our new BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr in Ukraine is progressing really well. The first construction phase, which is currently in progress, covers an area of ca. 7,7 hectares. As well as ca. 3 hectares of large outdoor enclosures, the area includes a visitor welcome centre and a technical building complete with bear boxes, veterinary rooms and other...
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Actor Roger Moore joins animal lovers in calling for a ban on using wild animals in circuses after shocking new pictures show circus lions & tigers cowering in cramped cages near the side of a busy motorway!

Shocking new pictures show circus lions and tigers in cramped cages
If you agree primates like this should not be kept as pets please sign and share our petition! #ProtectPrimates

Petition: Tell the UK Government to ban the keeping and trade of primates as pets
Good news from India where the import of reptile skin and some furs has been banned!

International fashion houses banned from selling reptile skin in India
Lovely to see Pashuk enjoying the snow :)
8 out of 10 people want to see animal welfare laws improved following Brexit, a poll has found.

RSPCA poll shows eight out of ten people want animal welfare laws improved after Brexit - Farming UK News
Great news! Fur farming has been banned in Croatia as of 2017. What a great way to start the new year!

Thanks to all those who signed the petition from Animal Friends Croatia, one of our fellow members in the Fur Free Alliance.
It's been an amazing year full of adventures, challenges, sad moments but also happy endings. Without YOU this wouldn't be possible! Thank you for your dedication, your support and your love! <3

Happy new year to all animal lovers out there!
Merry Christmas from us all at FOUR PAWS UK!

Thanks for all your support throughout the year :)
Unchained at last: The poignant moment bear is FINALLY free from a life of shackles!

Unchained at last: The poignant moment bear is FINALLY free from a life of shackles
2016 marked FOUR PAWS' 10th year in the UK! Throughout the year, we've had a great time celebrating some successes and reaching out to many more people around the country to spread the word about our work and animal welfare in general.

This video showcases just some of the things we've been up to during our anniversary year!

Thanks for all your support :)

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Two weeks ago we were asked to help a bear named Riku. Kept in Albania as a pet, Riku was in urgent need of help. His owner refused to take care of him any longer. We immediately prepared everything for an emergency rescue at short notice. When we arrived at Riku's home we were shocked. The bear was kept with a chain around his neck, could hardly move and as you can see in the video was...
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Wojtusia and Pietka were Poland's last illegally kept brown bears. Last week we were finally able to free them from their iron cages and transfer them to Zoo Poznan, where we've built a huge outdoor enclosure for them with a lot of space to roam.

With the rescue of Pietka and Wojtusia we finally ENDED the illegal private keeping of bears in Poland.

Thanks to your support this last rescue...
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EMERGENCY: a FOUR PAWS team has arrived in Southeast Albania to save a bear from horrible conditions. His current owner doesn't want to take care of him. We must take the bear with us immediately. We'll keep you posted!
Great news! We've successfully rescued the last two illegally-kept bears in Poland, bringing the illegal keeping of bears in the country to an end!

Pietka and Wojtusia arrived safely at their new home last night. Both of them will spend a couple of days in an indoor enclosure to adapt to their new environment. Pictures of the release into their large outdoor enclosure will follow soon!
#StopthePetDeception actions across the world! Why not get involved too!