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Hundreds of thousands of people fled the city when the military conflict arose. For two citizens of Mosul leaving was not an option. They were both trapped behind iron bars. War around them, bombs falling, sounds of machine guns and death. We were told that at Mosul Zoo approximately 50 animals lived before the conflict. Now only two...
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UPDATE from Mosul, Iraq:

We are currently working very hard to find a long-term solution for female bear Lula and lion Simba. We are doing our best but the current situation in Mosul is of course very dangerous. However, we are glad that our volunteers are currently ensuring that the animals are properly fed. It is clear, however, that the animals from Mosul will need to be saved soon.

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It's been just over a month since our FOUR PAWS vet Amir Khalil headed into war-torn Mosul to provide urgently needed help to bear Lula and Simba, the lion. These two are the last survivors at Mosul Zoo. During the trip, our team, led by Dr Khalil provided much needed veterinary treatment to the two desperate animals, fed them and cleaned their filthy enclosures.

Before they left, the team...
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GREAT NEWS from Ukraine: The work on our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr is going really well and the ponds are already being dug for the future enclosures. We will keep you posted about more developments.
Yesterday was a very busy day for our Stray Animal Care team when, under the direction of a local vet, they began the neutering programme on Koh Chang island in Thailand. Around 65 animals were treated throughout the day, 34 dogs and cats were neutered and all the other animals were vaccinated and treated for parasites and given veterinary treatment, if required. The local community was very...
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GREAT NEWS for animal welfare as MEPs have voted to phase out battery cage farming of rabbits in the EU!

[ Link ]

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As part of our project in Thailand we are striving to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership and show the younger generation what they can do to improve the life of stray dogs in Thailand. We gave children information about responsible pet ownership and asked them questions about their views on street dogs and how they take care of their own pets. We also held a workshop for teachers and...
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Our FOUR PAWS team is currently on the Thai island of Koh Chang to start our stray animal care project. Our initial plan was to start neutering the dogs in the first week but we are waiting final approval from the Bangkok authorities and the District Level (TRAT) authorities and expect to be given permission this week. In the meantime, the team has been very busy running community outreach and...
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With an estimated 730,000 stray dogs across Thailand, stray dogs can be found nearly everywhere in the country. With many sick, injured or covered with mange and fleas, these dogs are a growing problem for communities which often struggle to handle the problem alone.

That is why our team is travelling to Koh Chang, the second biggest island in Thailand to help the local community with our...
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Check out this interview with FOUR PAWS vet Dr Amir Khalil on the BBC's Outlook radio programme, in which he talks in depth about FOUR PAWS' recent mission in Mosul, Iraq! [ Link ]

Saving a lion in Mosul Zoo, Outlook - BBC World Service
Do you remember Pietka and Wojtusia - Poland's last remaining illegally kept bears, who we rescued last December?

They were moved to a permanent, species-appropriate home at Zoo Poznań Official Site. Since it was winter both bears have preferred to stay in their indoor houses for the last couple of months. However, it seems that Pietka can already smell spring as she's finally decided to...
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We'll have a stand at the Ealing Animal Welfare Bazaar in London on Saturday (details below).

If you are in the area do pop by and say hello. It's a fun day out for all the family and lots of animal charities will be represented. Admission is completely free! FOUR PAWS UK's Head of Programmes Cordelia Britton will be doing a talk at 11.45am in the lecture room.

Hope to see some of you there :)
We are deeply shocked and saddened by this recent attack at Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, which caused the death of two baby rhinos, Gugu and Impi.

While taking the volunteer caregivers hostage, a heavily-armed poaching syndicate mutilated the two 18 month old rhinos Impi and Gugu and removed their horns. Gugu died outright, while Impi had to be euthanized the following day because of the...
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Brutal attack on rhino orphanage: 2 rhinos babies were killed for their horns
If you agree that it is FINALLY time for the UK Government to ban the use of wild animals in circuses then please contact your local MP to ask them to support the latest Private Members Bill, which has its second reading tomorrow!

Find out who your local MP is here: [ Link ]

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Today is a really sad day for the FOUR PAWS family. We mourn the loss of two big cats in two of our sanctuaries. We had to let go tigress Britt, who has been living in our Big Cat Centre FELIDA since 2012 and Petricia, a lion from Baia Mare that we rescued in 2015 and relocated to LIONSROCK.

Tigress Britt has always been very shy. However, last year following knee surgery to reduce her pain,...
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A FOUR PAWS team accompanied by local volunteers is on site at Mosul Zoo in Iraq to provide its last surviving wild animals, a bear and a lion, with food and veterinary care. Although alive, both animals look miserable and are suffering from many diseases caused by malnutrition and lack of veterinary care. Both have very bad teeth, in addition the bear suffers from pneumonia and the lion has a...
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Hope for the last remaining animals at Mosul Zoo, Iraq! FOUR PAWS' Rapid Response team has arrived in Iraq to provide food and veterinary care to a bear and a lion, the only animals to have survived at the ravaged zoo, which was nearly destroyed altogether during the recent conflict.

Rapid Response Iraq
This evening FOUR PAWS UK will be co-hosting a parliamentary reception to raise awareness and support among MPs for our campaign to ban the keeping and trade of primates as pets in the UK.

Please don’t forget to keep sharing our petition:

Petition: Tell the UK Government to ban the keeping and trade of primates as pets
Vet checks form an integral part of the LIONSROCK story - check out this footage from our latest vet check at our big cat sanctuary in South Africa, LIONSROCK Lodge & Big Cat Sanctuary.