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Looks like a return to England's starting XI for Jermain Defoe tonight. Could he emulate this lot? ⚽

11 forgotten international stars who shone after returning from the abyss
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Can you remember who was actually in the team that lost to Portugal on penalties?

Where are they now? England's 2006 World Cup quarter-finalists
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Heard the one about all 11 members of a team in DR Congo getting struck by lightning...

... but every member of their opposition surviving?! ⚡

11 bizarre facts about legendary footballers you've probably never heard
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"I don't even know if I'll retire after next year's World Cup," says Buffon. "Maybe I could even end my career with a headbutt like Zidane did. I could nut somebody – who knows?"
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A league cup match in Iceland between Breiðablik and Fram had to be called off due to a crazy snow storm ⛄ ❄

Who'd still be up for playing in these conditions, then?

Video: @atligunnar/Twitter
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It's been a year since the Dutchman passed away, aged 68 – but he went out doing things his way.

Johan Cruyff's final months remembered, by his ghostwriter and dear friend
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ONE-ON-ONE Dirk Kuyt answers YOUR questions, including:
⚫ Fernando 9 Torres or Luis Suarez?
⚫ Does any player work harder than him?

"I nearly missed the 2007 Champions League Final – Crouch drove straight at me in a go-kart"
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One year on from the Dutch legend's death, FFT remembers the club-changing acts of a FC Barcelona icon

How Johan Cruyff reinvented modern football at Barcelona
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Introducing Justin Kluivert: the heir to Patrick who's desperate to follow in his dad's footsteps at FC Barcelona
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It was quite a European debut for the two-time World Player of the Year

WATCH: Carli Lloyd scores for Man City in Champions League debut
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⏰ 15 minutes on the clock, how many can you get?

Don't forget to tell us your scores, then tag some pals

Quiz! Can you name England's major tournament squads 1990-2016?
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Justin Kluivert, son of Patrick, scored his first competitive goal for Ajax during their Eredivisie game at Excelsior. Greg Lea takes a look at...

12 famous footballers' sons who could be destined for big things
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“Eventually it will be downgraded to the Tin Generation, before being wistfully reinstated as the Golden Generation when England are beaten by San Marino in 2040...”

England fans starting to suspect Golden Generation might not win World Cup
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This Is Anfield's Matt Ladson explains why FSG deserve the benefit of doubt – at least for the time being, anyway

Why scepticism of Liverpool’s owners is flawed… for now