i tweeted @djkhaled january 2016 telling him i wanted to meet..it didn't happen until january 2017. sometimes your dreams take longer to come true than you would like, but it doesn't mean you should give up or get discouraged. everything happens as it should and when it should. you have to just remain faithful and patient. ????
let's all have a good week full of positive vibes and good energy!
at the White House with some friendssss. ❤
excited about what the year has in store for us all. what are your 2017 goals? :)
work to be the best version of you everyday this year.
Happy New Years.
Merry Christmas Eve to all those celebrating! my puppies are dressed in spirit. Tag A Friend!

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works for men and women who have bald spots for whatever reason.
if there's ever a vlog of mine you watch. PLEASE let it be this one.

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lol one day i will look back at these and laugh at myself.
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dollar posing next to his favorite pairs of XI's. TAG 2 FRIENDS who love Jordan's and Dogs.
it's cool to still be participating in no shave november right?
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over two years later and i'm still tryna figure out how to get these 2 buttheads to not pee on the carpet. so hard to get mad at them when they own the pieces to my heart.
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