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POOR PUP: Aside from being thrown from the car, Maggie Mae seemed badly injured, was bloody, looked like it was in a dogfight, and had a long chain and lock around its neck.

Dog thrown from car recovering at Atlanta animal shelter
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SCAM: In one instance, a Tampa mother's son answered the phone call and gave 'kidnappers' $100s to let his mother go. In reality, she was fine.

'Kidnapping' scam claims multiple victims
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BREAKING: Scottsdale PD is investigating a shooting that took place near 7400 E Parkview Road. Police have arrested one person, and they say there are no outstanding threats to the community. Paramedics took the shooting victim to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.
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TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME: Even though the Giants defeated the Cubs at Scottsdale Stadium, that didn't stop fans from enjoying their first spring training game as World Series Champs in 108 years.

Chicago Cubs fans relish in first game of spring training since World Series win
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COMING TOGETHER: A Buckeye community held a fundraiser was held for a Verrado High School student who is recovering from suffering a brain hemorrhage, leaving 80% of the left side of his brain damaged.

STORY: [ Link ]
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Arizona... you're the best <3

Photo credit: Daniel Clarke at Mount Lemmon
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HAPPENING NOW: Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans.
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GIRAFFE WATCH CONTINUES: At this point, you'd think April the giraffe is just about ready for her calf to come out just as much as we are!

Video courtesy: Animal Adventure Park
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UP IN SMOKE: The man is in critical condition in the hospital suffering from third degree burns, and severe burns in his lungs.

Officials: Active butane hash oil lab causes house fire, man in critical condition
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GIANT GAMING ARENA: Next month in Las Vegas, Millennial Esports will open a video game arena, complete with warm-up areas for players, stands for the fans, and massive screens so that everyone can keep up with the action. Would you go?

Video courtesy Millennial Esports - FYI, the photo is of the last stage of construction. [ Link ]
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UPSETTING: Muhammad Ali Jr., 44, who confirmed his Muslim faith, was detained about two hours, despite telling officials that he's Ali's son and a native-born U.S. citizen.
They are considering to file a lawsuit after this incident.

Border agents ask Muhammad Ali's son: 'Are you Muslim?'
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NO THANKS: The announcement comes a day after journalists from several major news outlets filed a complaint for apparently being denied access to a White House press briefing, which drew a rebuke from the White House Correspondentsโ€™ Association.

Tweet: President Trump won't attend White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
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BREAKING: A 3-year-old girl is in critical condition after a "water-related incident" at a home near I-17 and Jomax Road, according to officials with the Phoenix Fire Department. The young girl is being transported to the hospital. We will have more on this in a live report at 5p.
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If you could, what would you feed all the hungry people in the world? This boy thinks PANCAKES are the answer. โค
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SOUND OFF: Yesterday, the White House blocked media sources, such as CNN, The New York Times, and Politico, from a press gaggle. Is Trump's opinion of the free press worrisome?
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#BABYGIRAFFEWATCH: We're still patiently waiting and watching as April the giraffe at Animal Adventure Park gets closer to giving birth!
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Mmmm, we know what we're eating tonight! Clam chowder is perfect for those chilly February nights
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CONTROVERSY: Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old student was born a girl but identifies as a boy. Under University Interscholastic League rules, he must wrestle against girls even though heโ€™s taking testosterone for his transition and would prefer to compete against other boys

Transgender wrestler competes for Texas state high school championship
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HAPPENING NOW: DNC announces who they have picked for new chair.
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Spring training is finally here! Who's going to games this weekend?!

37 more days until opening day! โšพ