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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Your Thoughts?
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Some online found the title to be a bit ominous — perhaps a signal that Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill, may be in danger.

Disney announces title of eighth episode in ‘Star Wars’ saga
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According to Unified Police, the canyon is expected to reopen at 1 p.m.

Caught on Video: Avalanche in Little Cottonwood Canyon
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Low visibility, high avalanche danger close Logan Canyon

US-89 in Logan Canyon is closed due to winter weather
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SALT LAKE CITY -- The nation's top court has refused to hear a challenge to Utah's ban on polygamy. In an order issued Monday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition for certiorari by reality TV polygamist Kody Brown and his wives. They had filed a lawsuit challenging the state's ban on pl...

U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear ‘Sister Wives’ polygamy case
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Cache County schools canceled Monday due to cold and snow

Several schools delay opening time due to winter weather
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Taylorsville clerk robbed, shot several times

Convenience store clerk shot in Taylorsville
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This week's blog is dedicated to a man who many consider a legend in the WWE and out of the ring, my Uncle Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. My parents' uncle Jimmy, along with 'The Wild Samoans" Afa & Sika, were the first Pacific Islanders that made me believe that I could do anything I want if I am willing…

Big Budah’s blog: Mourning Uncle Jimmy
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A recent study examined the link between the health of truck drivers and the likelihood of them being involved in a crash.

Study examines link between truck drivers’ health and probability of crashes
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State employees feed the herd each winter to keep the elk from wandering into Cache Valley looking for food.

Uniquely Utah: Hundreds of elk at Hardware Ranch
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"I just panicked, I didn’t know what to do. I drove around for 45 minutes before I even knew where she was at.”

Mother speaks after teen girl shot in Valley Fair Mall parking lot
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12-year-old Vladimir Moss was last seen near 700 North and Redwood Road. The missing boy has autism, and anyone who sees him is asked to call SLC Police at 801-799-3000.

SLC Police seek help finding missing boy who has autism
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Nathan Chen is the first figure skater to land five quadruple jumps in a single program, a performance that helped the 17-year-old become the youngest U.S. Figure Skating champion since 1966.

Utah’s Nathan Chen wins U.S. Figure Skating Championship after landing 5 quads
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Police in Orem say Zac Sorenson has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old, and anyone who sees the man should call 801-229-7070. Zac is 6'3" and weighs 320 pounds.

Orem police seek missing man who has mental capacity of a child
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“Obviously, that would freak out just about anybody," police said of the Layton man's encounter with the suspect.

Layton man finds bloodied stranger with knife hiding in his bathroom
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A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed the ground stop was for all domestic mainline flights and said they are working "as quickly as possible to resolve this issue."

United Airlines issues ground stop for all domestic mainline flights Sunday
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“Tyson was a young, professional firefighter and a talented paramedic. He was a devoted husband, who just became a father for the first time, only one week ago."

The Life Flight Paramedic killed in Sunday's car crash also served with the SLC Fire Department, and Chief Karl Lieb says agencies across the state are mourning: [ Link ]
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Josh and Megan Dorius sent us these photos of snow Hulk Saturday, which took about three hours to make using a shovel, spoons and a spray-bottle filled with colored water. Are you enjoying the snow this weekend, or are you hiding from it indoors whenever possible?
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“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period,” new White House press secretary Sean Spicer said, contradicting all available data.

White House press secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds