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#MISSING: Philadelphia police are looking for Trevor Montgomery, 6, who was discovered missing from his bedroom this morning.

Trevor is described as a 50 lb. black male, last seen wearing a black t-shirt and white underwear with a red stripe.

Police search for missing 6-year-old from Cobbs Creek
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#LIVE: Protesters are starting to gather at the Trump rally in Philadelphia.
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Police are investigating a burglary at a high-end retail store inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. No one was injured and a suspect was taken into custody, according to a statement released this morning.

Gunshots fired in burglary at Bellagio in Las Vegas
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YOUR TURN: A police officer in Texas thought he captured a cow that was running loose. But the angry heifer had other plans... (Make sure to watch until the end.)

FULL STORY: [ Link ]
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We can't get enough of these ADORABLE BABIES having a SPA DAY! ❤
STORY: [ Link ]
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HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY! Aretha Franklin, the "Queen of Soul" was the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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MISSING DC GIRLS: The hashtag is trending-- but Washington Metropolitan Police Dept. says there HAS NOT been an increase in the number of missing persons cases. Instead, the numbers are consistent over the last five years, and a new push to get information about missing children out on social media immediately is causing an increase in awareness. #missingdcgirls

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DREAMS DO COME TRUE! 79-year-old Delores Dobson hadn't been to the zoo in 63 years due to multiple chronic diseases. That changed yesterday, when she had a special trip to the zoo to meet her favorite animals: pandas

79-year-old woman visits zoo for first time in 63 years, fullfills dream
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RECALL: OK Food, Inc. is recalling nearly a million pounds of breaded chicken products that could be contaminated with metal pieces. The products were sold under various names including Save A Lot and WalMart's Great Value.

Nearly a million pounds of breaded chicken products recalled
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Would you like an insult with your pedicure? Customers are upset after an alleged sign at a nail salon showed higher fees for overweight customers.


Alleged nail salon sign aimed at overweight customers stirs anger
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INCREDIBLE! A 4-year-old boy saved his mom’s life after he used Siri to call an ambulance—telling emergency services that “she’s closing her eyes and she’s not breathing.”

4-year-old boy uses Siri to call ambulance, saves mom's life
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TEEN MAY HAVE BEEN FED TO ALLIGATORS: The body of a 17-year-old girl was allegedly fed to alligators after she was shot and killed trying to escape from a drug stash house where she was being held against her will by captors who raped her repeatedly.

FBI searches for SC teen feared to have been fed to alligators
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RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS: The cops were called when a 14-year-old was caught shoplifting. When they took him home, they discovered he didn't have any food—so they filled his kitchen.

Rome police officers buy groceries for teen caught shoplifting
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ANOTHER HERO FALLEN: The Pentagon says 25-year-old Staff Sgt. Alexandria Mae Morrow from western New York died while performing maintenance duties in support of combat operations in the Middle East. Our thoughts are with Morrow's family.

Airman from NY killed in Middle East
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We can't get enough of these ADORABLE BABIES having a SPA DAY! ❤
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FRIDAY NIGHT GIRAFFE WATCH: Animal Adventure Park says all is well with our girl April. Keepers say there have been significant kicks and movements occurring on April's left side... IS TONIGHT THE NIGHT??
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HEARTBREAKING: Julia Yates Patterson and her daughter Libby were killed in separate crashes 30 minutes apart. Julia was killed instantly when her vehicle collided with another one. Shortly after, Libby was struck and killed by a driver just 7 miles away from her mother. Rest in peace angels.

Mom and daughter die in crashes 30 minutes apart
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Pennsylvania man Walter Ferinden taught kids ice hockey, then allegedly stole their innocence.

"There is a period of grooming of the individual," the prosecutor explained. "He identifies someone whom he believes he can take advantage of, befriends them and then engages in this type of behavior."

Youth hockey coach faces sex assault charges in DE, NJ