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HEROES: It's always exciting for a kid to meet police and firefighters in person. But tonight, 3-year-old Luke met the heroes that saved his life. Just hours after Luke was released from the hospital, he fell into cardiac arrest at his home. He stopped breathing for more than 5 minutes. Newtown Square fire and police both performed CPR before an ambulance came. Eventually, Luke came back to life.

Local boy meets heroes that saved his life
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In the state of New Hampshire, it’s now legal to carry a concealed, loaded gun without a license. Thoughts?

NH gun owners no longer need license to carry concealed weapon
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Southwest Airlines announced the company will be donating 10,000 roundtrip flights in 2017 to reduce the financial burden on families who need to travel for specialized care.

DETAILS: [ Link ]

Southwest Airlines donates 10,000 roundtrip flights in 2017
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HEARTBREAKING: A baby that was given the name ‘Miracle’ when she was delivered early after her mother was shot and killed was taken off life support. Her family made the decision because they no longer wanted to see the girl suffer. Rest in Peace, Miracle.

Baby 'Miracle' taken off life support after surviving shooting that killed her mom
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BUCKET LIST: Being thrown in the slammer is enough to make a grown man cry, but this 99-year-old woman was smiling wide as she was slapped with cuffs. It was an event she was eager to cross off her bucket list.

99-Year-Old Gets Arrested to Cross It Off Her Bucket List
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You'll be able to play Snake in color with the Nokia 3310 retro reboot...

MORE: [ Link ]

Cellphone maker reboots classic Nokia 3310
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BABY GIRAFFE UPDATE: April the giraffe is still not in active labor, but it could happen any time, according to Animal Adventure Park. We're keeping an eye on her here.

MORE: [ Link ]
VIDEO: Animal Adventure Park
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#DEVELOPING: Authorities say a local nurse is facing charges alleging that he secretly photographed and/or videotaped patients.

STORY HERE: [ Link ]

Nurse accused of secretly videotaping patients
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A judge is sending two people to prison, after their conviction for disrupting a child’s birthday party by flying Confederate flags, yelling racial slurs and threatening violence. They were found guilty of violating Georgia’s street-gang terrorism law.

Judge sentences 2 people convicted in confederate flag confrontation
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Philadelphia building trades unions are stepping up and offering to repair damaged gravesites, install lights and security cameras after more than 100 headstones were vandalized at a Jewish cemetery in Wissinoming.

MORE: [ Link ]

Philadelphia building trades unions step up to help repair damage
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KIND GESTURE: The 6-year-old boy said he got the idea after seeing his teacher smile when he brought her fresh-baked cookies in the hospital. He wanted to help her pay her bills so she could focus on her fight against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Donut shop helps boy bake cookies for sick teacher
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Police are searching for a man they say tried to kidnap several young children over the weekend. The children reported that the man "winked" at them and then stated, "I am going to take you," police said.

Police: Man tells children, 'I am going to take you' in kidnapping attempt
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"The president continues to be deeply disappointed and concerned about reports of further vandalism at Jewish Cemeteries. The cowardly destruction in Philadelphia this weekend comes on top of similar accounts in Missouri and threats made to Jewish Community Centers around the country," Press Secretary Sean Spice on President Donald J. Trump's response to recent incidents in the Philadelphia...
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Fitness trainer and host of "Biggest Loser" Bob Harper says he is recovering from a serious heart attack that left him unconscious for two days.

'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper suffers heart attack
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O.J. Simpson is serving his ninth year of his 33-year sentence, and it’s looking like he’ll get out of prison before his tenth.

O.J. Simpson free for good behavior? Reportedly very possible
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While we all wait for April's giraffe baby, meet the newest addition to the The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore!

The winning name:
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BABY GIRAFFE WATCH: Happy Monday afternoon, from the giraffe maternity ward! We're still watching for April the giraffe to give birth atAnimal Adventure Park. Her keepers say they are seeing increased belly movement and back-end swell-- a good sign! Could today be the day?

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Did you think announcing the wrong film for the biggest Academy Award was the ONLY thing that went wrong last night? Then you’re terribly mistaken.
Imagine seeing your picture in a montage of dead people!

Another Oscars gaffe: 'In Memoriam' segment includes living producer
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#LIVE: 180 #interfaith leaders gather in NW #Phila. condemning vandalism at #MtCarmel #Jewish Cemetery.‬
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#MISSING: Police are looking for Skakyra Strong, 14, who was last seen Wednesday in Kensington.