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TEAMWORK! When two men saw a woman struggling to make it to the finish line during a half-marathon, they selflessly stopped to help her. Then a third came and carried her towards the finish!
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HEARTBREAKING: Julia Yates Patterson and her daughter Libby were killed in separate car crashes just 30 minutes apart. Julia was killed instantly when her vehicle collided with another one and little Libby was struck and killed by a driver just seven miles away from her mother. Rest in peace, angels.
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BURGLAR PANTSED: A man in Arizona who was wearing baggy pants and fleeing a crime scene tried to jump a fence, but didn't make it. (Pic: Jesse Sensibar)
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HEARTWARMING STORY: 79-year-old Delores Dobson hadn't been to the zoo in 63 years due to multiple chronic diseases. That changed Friday, when she had a special trip to Zoo Atlanta to meet her favorite animals, the pandas.
FULL STORY: [ Link ]
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A Florida woman is being told by her homeowners association to take down her Blue Lives Matter flag that's been flying for several years after someone complained that it was 'racist.'

Homeowner's association tells woman to take down Blue Lives Matter flag
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Who can forget her as Mama! Happy birthday to funny woman Vicki Lawrence. She turns 68 today!
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16-YEAR-OLD SHOT 4 TIMES: A 16-year-old boy was walking on the sidewalk in the West Side Austin neighborhood Sunday morning when two males emerged from an alley and shot him four times.

16-year-old boy shot 4 times on West Side
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#GIRAFFE WATCH CONTINUES: Join us as we continue to watch and wait for April and Oliver's baby to make its debut! Video: Animal Adventure Park
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5 KIDS LOOKING FOR A HOME: A plea from 5 siblings to be adopted together into one home has sparked a viral response. The kids say they want to be together in one household with loving and caring parents: *SPREAD THE WORD*
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The proposal earmarks 50 percent of wholesale revenues of marijuana and marijuana products for the state's general fund and divides the remaining half 30/20 between education and public health. What do you think of the proposal?

Illinois considers legalizing marijuana for fiscal boost
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Children with autism and special needs can now play on an all-inclusive, wheelchair friendly playground designed to adapt to physical disabilities.


A special park comes to life for children with autism
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TERROR PAYBACK: The U.S. Department of Defense has confirmed that a U.S. counter-terrorism airstrike in Afghanistan resulted in the death of Qari Yasin, a well-known Al Qaeda terrorist leader responsible for the deaths of two American service members.

US airstrike kills high-profile Al Qaeda leader
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HAVE YOU SEEN HER? Chicago Police are asking for the publicโ€™s help in finding a 16-year-old West Lawn neighborhood girl who vanished Thursday from the Southwest Side. SHARE TO SPREAD THE WORD!

Police: 16-year-old girl missing from SW Side
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HUMAN KINDNESS: A man was struggling with his wheelchair on a California street but no one bothered to stop and help. That's when this man made a U-turn to help the man get moving again:

STORY: [ Link ]
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RECALL ALERT: More than 80,000 EpiPens are being recalled across multiple countries because they might fail to work in an emergency, the company announced.

Tens of thousands of EpiPens recalled for faulty mechanism
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MORNING GIRAFFE WATCH: We're checking in on April and Oliver at Animal Adventure Park on this Sunday morning. No sign of a baby giraffe yet! Video: Animal Adventure Park
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DEADLY NIGHTCLUB RAMPAGE: Gunfire erupted inside a crowded Cincinnati nightclub early Sunday, killing one person and wounding more than a dozen others.

โ€˜A VERY HORRIFIC SITUATIONโ€™: 15 people shot, 1 killed at Cincinnati nightclub
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MISSING DC GIRLS: The hashtag is trending-- but Washington Metropolitan Police Dept. says there HAS NOT been an increase in the number of missing persons cases. Instead, the numbers are consistent over the last five years, and a new push to get information about missing children out on social media immediately is causing an increase in awareness. #missingdcgirls

More coverage: [ Link ]
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SATURDAY NIGHT GIRAFFE WATCH: We're back with April and Oliver! Animal Adventure Park provided an update this evening saying, "April continues to progress but in true April fashion, her upper right teat did not produce milk (It did yesterday) upon veterinary review. She keeps us guessing - she keeps in [sic] growing!! All else is well and snow appears to have cleared. Tomorrow- keepers will...
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