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December 3, 1927 to September 25, 2012
Andy Williams had an incredibly smooth voice. He recorded 44 albums, 15 of which went gold and 3 went platinum. And remember "The Andy Williams Show", that aired on television from 1962 to 1971. Do you have a favorite Andy Williams song?
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Happy birthday to actor Brendan Fraser. He turns 48 today.
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Happy birthday to actress Daryl Hannah. She turns 56 today.
Happy birthday to the Prince of Darkness! Singer and reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne turns 68 today.
Going holiday shopping this weekend... here's an important reminder.
Police are issuing a reminder this holiday season to always be aware of your surroundings. Pickpockets happen quickly!
Gorgeous from any angle, day or night. Who loves this time of year?

(Photo: Instagram.com/c_morris0413)
The Winter Garden at Brookfield Place is all decked out for Christmas! (Photo: instagram.com/don_humberto_colmenares)
A dentist who may have infected nearly 600 patients with diseases like hepatitis and HIV has been removed but not fired!

VA Dentist May Have Infected Vets With HIV & Hepatitis

Hey New York... how's your evening?

(Photo: Instagram.com/brandontaoka)
Lighting up the night... the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights.

(Photo: Instagram.com/mickmicknyc)
Remember this feel good Christmas story from last year?
Little Sophie Jo spotted a man who looked a lot like Santa Claus.
What followed was an adorable exchange with a man named Roger, who played right along in the middle of Walmart.
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Little girl mistakes Walmart shopper for Santa and his reaction is perfect

An amazing angle of the World Trade Center. (Photo: instagram.com/nova.york)
Chef Peng Chang-kuei has died at 98. He brought the sticky, sweet-and-sour dish to New York 40 years ago.
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General Tso's chicken inventor has died

Photographer Michael D'Ambrosio (instagram.com/mvdambrosio) calls this "Friday Night Lights."
Women be careful of the men you allow to be around your children.
Sophia Acosta was raped and died due to oxygen starvation that caused her heart and lungs to stop.

Man Sentenced To Death For Sexual Assault And Murder Of Girlfriend's 3-Year-Old Daughter

A look at Times Square on a crisp, clear night.
Santa Claus is coming to town... Believe.

(Photo: Instagram.com/mitzgami)
To all the trolls out there being mean to this child, one word...STOP!
Grayson Smith is terminal, his conditions are terminal, he's a sweet little boy and it's wrong, mean and cruel for people to make memes of him.

Mom Speaks Out After Terminally Ill Son, 3, Is Turned Into Cruel Meme: 'I'm Proud Of The Child He Is'

Good News.
Buzz Aldrin is recovering well in New Zealand. Get well soon Buzz, America is with you.

(Photo: Twitter/TheRealBuzz)
Such a bizarre and rare disease.
When Beth Goodier wakes up she has no recollection of the episode. It's like losing portions of your life.

Girl, 22, With 'Sleeping Beauty Syndrome' Falls Asleep For Several Months At A Time