Watch #TWD star Norman Reedus and exec producers discuss Daryl and Carol's emotive reunion.
Rough week? Friday grin!
Rock, paper, scissors... #TWD style. ✂
You'll never get tired of watching this hug.
You watching THAT heart-melting reunion last night. #TWD
Watch star Andrew Lincoln and exec producers discuss the mide-season premiere. #TheWalkingDead is on FOX internationally, check local listings.
See director Greg Nicotero’s exclusive behind-the-scenes work mapping out the explosive action sequence from the return of #TWD.

'The Walking Dead': See Exclusive Storyboards From the Midseason Premiere
Love... Legion style. ❤
You know he did. Negan is back in 2 days!
He's a sensitive soul, so please show some love for him in the comments below. #TWD
"Rick is really exploring different parts of who he is and I think a lot of it liberated by the thrill of bringing the fight back to Negan."

'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln Teases 'Bloodshed' on the Horizon
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"The information that Oceanside — and what it possesses — would be a very big deal to Rick."

'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Reveals There Is 'Unfinished Business' in Oceanside
"Noah Hawley is giving us something totally different.”

'Legion' Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat
They're still standing. But what are they going to do with that?
#TheWalkingDead returns Feb 13. Check local listings.
Ready for #Legion? Check local listings.
Rick’s group is getting ready to fight. But no amount of planning will prepare them for all-out war with Negan and his army.
#TheWalkingDead returns Feb 13, check local listings.
"A visual masterpiece about mental illness and mutant powers." #Legion

'Legion': TV Review
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