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For a moment, I thought the New York Times might put its anti-Trump agenda aside and report straight news in straight fashion. But once again, politics triumphs over facts.

A front-page story on its website headlined “Violent Clashes in Sweden Highlight Trump’s Remarks” suggested the Times was about to admit the president was essentially right — that Muslim refugees had created a crime wave...
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Michael Goodwin: Swede and sour times
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"Fake News!" shouts our president, calling out CNN, The New York Times and others.

Although it's not really true -- not the way President Donald Trump means it. The media rarely "fake" anything. Over time, they generally get the facts correct.

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John Stossel: Trump, media should stop making things up
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A Pennsylvania school district capitulated to the demands of a militant atheist who filed a federal lawsuit demanding the district remove a Ten Commandments monument erected on a public high school campus.

New Kensington-Arnold School District agreed to remove the massive monument within 30 days – ending a lawsuit filed in 2012 by self-avowed atheist Marie Schaub.

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Atheist forces school to drop Ten Commandments
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During the presidential campaign there were a number of camps you could fall into: Trump supporter, never Trumper, Trump lover, fall-in-line-and-support-the-Republican Trumper and defiant critic of everyone involved.

That latter group, of course, was me.

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We're all Trumpatized now
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At what point do Republicans in Congress start looking out for their political future and go after President Trump’s ties to Russia?

Even before the president’s national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced out, Gallup had President Trump with the worst ratings of his presidency so far — 55 percent disapproval to 40 percent approval.

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Juan Williams: Senate GOP begins to push Trump away
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President Trump is once again showing he is no longer going to put up with the out-of-control left-wing media bias. And this weekend in Florida, the president once again took direct aim at these corrupt news organizations.

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Sean Hannity: Trump frustrates 'fake news' media at every turn
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President Trump is getting quite a bit of blowback for saying the fake news media is the enemy of the American people. And most of the blowback is coming from the fake news media.

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The mainstream media hates deplorables -- and they aren't fond of Trump either
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02/20/2017 at 17:19. Facebook
The media smart set fixates on creating a narrative that explains the big picture of events and offers gripping examples. In that spirit, then, here’s a narrative to help them understand President Trump’s recent burst of activity.

The media doesn't call the shots -- Trump does
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France will choose a new president this spring, in a two-stage election process that for decades has come down to a choice between left-leaning Socialists and a right-of-center party that recently changed its name to Les Républicains.

Will French voters elect a female Donald Trump?
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Over the past few months, America has lurched from partisan warfare to the cliffs of an existential crisis.

Multiple reports show that my former colleagues in the intelligence community have decided that they must leak or withhold classified information due to unsettling connections between President Trump and the Russian Government.

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I'm a Democrat (and ex-CIA) but the spies plotting against Trump are out of control
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Call it the Oval Office virus. After less than a month in office, President Donald J. Trump, who as a candidate embraced WikiLeaks and a torrent of leaks about his rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign, has become a champion of government secrecy.

Judith Miller: Trump and the leaks
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Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is now the subject of intense speculation as to whether he broke the law by telling the FBI he never brought up U.S. sanctions during a discussion with the Russian ambassador before Donald Trump took office.

Here is a look at the relevant laws.

Gregg Jarrett: Could Michael Flynn be charged with a crime?
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Maybe it’s not a coincidence that Barnum & Bailey is folding its tents this year. After all, how could the circus possibly compete with Donald Trump?

Michael Goodwin: Trump is simply the greatest show on Earth
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Donald Trump, [was] largely elected president because he promised to reform Washington. Millions of Americans are fed up with intellectually dishonest politicians were not looking up for them.

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Bill O'Reilly: The swamp fights back
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02/17/2017 at 19:10. Facebook
After endless attacks from the alt-left propaganda media, President Trump is fighting back in a big way, by calling out the press directly and setting the record straight.

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Sean Hannity: Trump takes on the press and delivers devastating knockout
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A lot of people who think Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are American heroes are under the impression Donald Trump and members of his administration are traitors. Hollywood celebrities are openly calling for a military coup. Political commentators are comparing Donald Trump’s election to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor because, allegedly and with no evidence, Russia stole the election. I would...
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Erick Erickson: The intelligence community vs. Trump. We're watching a low level coup, America
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02/16/2017 at 16:27. Facebook
As we reported Tuesday night, the national security adviser [Gen. Michael Flynn] has resigned because the Trump administration says it lost confidence in him.

The story is a bit complicated but it boils down to this...

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Bill O'Reilly: The anti-Trump media's mass hysteria over General Flynn
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You would think reasonable people could find compromise, especially on a fine, warm winter day, in a city named for a gracious nobleman, a place gracious and noble in its own right.

Basketball or bathrooms: The Tar Heel state is stuck
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By all accounts David Kriehn, of Noblesville, Indiana was a good person. He was a gentle and caring man.

Mr. Kriehn was a former missionary – who managed Famous Dave’s, a popular barbecue joint near Indianapolis.

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Former missionary killed by illegal alien
Someone in the government committed a serious crime. Indeed, it appears that several people did.

Gregg Jarrett: The leak of Flynn's conversations is a crime