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President Trump made the announcement on Twitter today, fueling his battle with the media even more.

President Trump Not Going to White House Correspondence Dinner
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Witness Describes Robbery Attempt on Little Rock Officer, Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

Witness Describes Robbert Attempt on Little Rock Officer, Shooting
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LIVE: Getting ready for FOX16 News as we wait for a knockout in boxing!
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We'll have the latest on this investigation, including what witnesses of last night's shooting told Mitchell McCoy, TONIGHT at 9.

One Dead After Exchange of Gunfire, After Group Tries to Rob Off-Duty LR Officer
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We're checking out the The Midsouth Summit Black Expo at the Metroplex! We'll be talking Victory Over Violence with the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission #ARDeclareVictory
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Come join us at 11:30am to hear about our Victory Over Violence campaign! #ARDeclareVictory
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Other neighbors said they were worried because the thieves stole their garage door opener out of their car as well. ICYMI: Josh Berry went to the Benton neighborhood Friday as police search for suspects.

Home Invasion Robbery in Benton
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The video forced one alum of England High School, whose family members now go there, to take action.

Student Makes Racial Slur Video During Black History Month Celebration
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The bill's sponsor, Representative Clarke Tucker, says the move was made legal by a 2014 change in federal law.

Bill Would Give Charter Schools More power Over Lottery Systems
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Police say a person was killed tonight in an officer-involved shooting at the Ashley Square shopping center at Rodney Parham and Reservoir Road. A group attempted to rob a Little Rock Police officer who was working off duty and was in an unmarked car. There was an exchange of gunfire and the suspect is dead. Two persons of interest are being questioned. All people involved seem to be...
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Tara Bennett has gone from being behind bars to empowering others, and is no doubt making a difference in our community.

After Prison Release, LR Woman Makes New Life
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LRPD updating information on deadly shooting at Rodney Parham and Reservoir
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Authorities have confirmed that an officer involved shooting has taken place.

UPDATE: Officer-Involved Shooting Near the Intersection of Reservoir and Rodney Parham
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At this time police are not releasing anymore information.

Shooting Near the Intersection of Reservoir and Rodney Parham
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The purpose of this program is to establish unity among all ethnic groups and to establish a working relationship with everyone.

Bridge the Gap Event Planned for Little Rock
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#BREAKING: Police responding to reported shooting near Reservoir and Rodney Parham. Witness tells us there's a victim on the ground #ARNews
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Was the shot fired by an Osceola officer at a teen suspect on purpose or an accident? That's what we still don't know. Law enforcement won't say. Tish Clark reports. #ARNews
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"I should do something to help the crime problem around here..."

We've all thought it. Let's spring into action! #ARDeclareVictory

Mentor Application - Let Our Violence End (L.O.V.E)
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Most Democrats remain opposed to the proposals, but it's the Republicans running the show with their large numbers in the legislature.

Campus Carry Negotiations Continue