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Storms have ramped up near over the past couple of hours as the main storm system passes directly over Green Country. With temperatures in the 50s, the only severe risk is hail stones nickel to quarter size and some isolated flash flooding. I'm monitoring the situation and will break into programming if necessary, and will have the latest on FOX23 News This Morning starting at 6am. - FOX23...
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โ€œWhat gives me peace in my heart is she got to see those babies and hold them, and be with them a little bit."

Mother with cancer dies a day after delivering twins
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One person has died after a plane crashed into a home in a Marietta, Georgia, neighborhood Friday evening.

1 dead after plane crashes into home in Georgia
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"It was hard to go up there and see him and lay next to him and be by his side. It was even harder to sit there and tell his brother and sister that he's not going to be here anymore."

FOX23 Sara Whaley talked with family of a 2-year-old boy allegedly beaten to death. Hear from them tonight on FOX23 News at 10.

Tulsa family says 2-year-old killed in alleged beating was "happy, joyful toddler"
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The home of the 'legs and eggs' deal is closing its doors after 24 years.

Cloud 9 closing after two decades in Tulsa
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LIVE: Chief Meteorologist James Aydelott is tracking the chance for overnight storms. See the full forecast on FOX23 News at 9. [ Link ]
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Tulsa police said their most wanted suspect this week could also have information about the shooting death of Durrell Collins. FOX23 Sara Whaley has new details in the investigation on FOX23 News at 9.

Tulsa police seek details in "unusual" shooting investigation
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Brandy Reeve said she reported bullying to her son's school multiple times during the year, but nothing was done until now. FOX23 Lynn Casey talks with her tonight on FOX23 News at 9.

Nowata Bullying: Boy's Ear Stabbed With Sucker Stick
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Will Crane survive Dreyfuss's wrath? Find out TONIGHT on Sleepy Hollow at 8pm!
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An Oklahoma company is recalling the chicken after customers complained of finding metal objects inside.

Nearly 1 million pounds of chicken recalled due to โ€˜metal objects'
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A new Oologah-Talala school storm shelter is prepared to shield more than 2,700 people from severe weather. FOX23 Jeff Kolb learns about the facility on FOX23 News at 6:15.

Oologah school storm shelters ready for severe weather season
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"I've been saying for a year and half that the best thing we can do, politically speaking, is let Obamacare explode," President Donald J. Trump said shortly after the GOP health care was pulled from consideration. [ Link ]
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The FOX23 Severe Weather Team is tracking a round of storms in eastern Oklahoma, a second round overnight and more on Sunday. Check the forecast on FOX23 News at 5.

Tulsa Weather: Weekend Storms
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Tulsa Public Schools is working on how to deal with anticipated cuts in the next budget year. FOX23 Janna Clark investigates tonight on FOX23 News at 5. [ Link ]
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BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan to hold news conference after House GOP pulls health care bill. [ Link ]
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#BREAKING: House Republicans abruptly pulled their Obamacare replacement bill after failing to gain enough support to pass.

House GOP abruptly pulls troubled health care bill
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BREAKING: House Republicans, short of votes, withdraw health care bill. [ Link ]
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The news from retailers across the country this quarter has not been good.

Macy's, Kmart, JC Penney: More stores closing brick and mortar stores
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TRACKING RAIN/STORM CHANCES AND FIRE DANGER: FOX23 Meteorologist Ben Walnick and FOX23 Meteorologist Megan McClellan are talking about what to expect for the next few days.
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An elderly man's kids say he isn't allowed to drive, but that didn't keep him from stealing an ambulance to get home from a hospital.

83-year old allegedly steals ambulance, drives home