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About 60 percent of primate species are now threatened with extinction.

World's primates in crisis, on track for extinction, new study warns
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TAKE A LOOK and maybe you could help solve a crime.

Mass Most Wanted: Jan. 21
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Leonie the shark was separated from her partner in 2013, but in April 2016 managed to hatch the eggs.

Lone zebra shark surprises scientists with pups
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Recognize someone? It's another Mass Most Wanted.

PHOTOS: Mass Most Wanted: Jan. 21
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An officer of the law never knows what could happen on a work shift.

Trooper helps delivery baby on Route 90
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President Donald Trump's press secretary is declaring that Trump's inauguration had the largest audience in history both in person and around the globe.

Spicer says media lied about inauguration crowd size
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The popular Marshfield High football coach is coming back for one more season.

Lou Silva will return to Marshfield sidelines for one final season
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From Boston to Washington, DC to Seattle, hundreds of thousands took to the streets for the Women's March. [ Link ]
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FOX25 has a correction to make.

Correction: Mass Most Wanted
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UPDATE: Mayor's office now reporting that 175,000 attended the event.

Between 135,000 and 150,000 people of all ages were in downtown Boston as part of the Women's March.

At least 135,000 crowd the Common for Boston Women's March
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The loud sound shook houses and rattled windows, but nobody knows what caused it.

Neighbors, police puzzled by mysterious 'sonic boom' in North Carolina
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A dog is recovering after the owner dropped the pup 30 feet off a bridge.

Police: Florida woman claims dogs can fly before throwing pup off bridge
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At least one person is dead after a crash in on Route 25 in Plymouth, according to Bourne police.

Police: Fatal crash shuts down lanes on Route 25 near Bourne
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Organizers expected over 100,000 people, but they say more might have shown up.

Boston Women's March crowd overwhelms T, Commuter Rail service
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Mass. State Troopers approached an SUV shortly before the driver sped off and caused a crash that killed four people.

Official: State troopers approached SUV before crash that killed 4
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WATCH LIVE: Crowd packs onto the Common for Boston Women's March. [ Link ]