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First Amazon, now UPS. How long until fast food restaurants start drone delivery?

UPS test launches delivery drone from docking pad on roof of UPS truck
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Check your tickets!!!!! Are any of you big winners? [ Link ]
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Diego is only 1 week old, but a video posted online shortly after he was born has caused quite the controversy.

Animal rights commenters descend after farm posts video of cute calf
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37 years ago TODAY - Team USA beat the USSR at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics.
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Framingham-based TJX is planning to open a new chain with nearly 2,000 stores!

Parent company of T.J. Maxx to open 1,800 new stores
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When families hear their child may be diagnosed with Down syndrome, there are more questions than answers...

Tonight at 10: Elizabeth Hopkins Fox25 talks to a local family and a Boston doctor, who are hoping to set the record straight.
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Do you use SodaStream? This recall is something you'll want to be aware of and SHARE with your friends.

SodaStream recalls 51K bottles over explosion risk
Hundreds of lives have fallen victim to the Heroin epidemic. FOX25 takes a look at a powerful new tool that could be a lifeline for addicts hitting rock bottom. How local police and hospitals are working to save lives that don’t want to be saved, tonight on FOX25 News at 10.
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Some serious drama tonight on STAR.

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If you're out driving late at night be aware of this new move being used by criminals to distract you. [ Link ]
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Talk about a close call! That's 'Star Wars' actor Harrison Ford's plane just FEET AWAY from a 737 jet.

Video shows moment Harrison Ford flew over plane before landing on taxiway
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Do you think Gene Lavanchy FOX25 is funny? Apparently his sense of humor runs in the family.
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Police say this man was exposing himself in a public park, and that's not all.

Hull man accused of exposing himself in park
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It's getting closer and closer to the start of the Aaron Hernandez's trial.

Belichick, Pouncey twins listed as potential witnesses in Hernandez trial
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A license is no longer required to carry hidden loaded guns in New Hampshire.

NH Gov. Sununu signs law making it easier to carry hidden guns
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Based on the nutritional value and the rising obesity, Maine is asking the feds to make limits to food stamp purchases.

Maine asks feds to allow ban on food stamps for candy, soda