Police say a man traveled from Baltimore to New York City with one thing in mind – to make a statement in the media capital of the world by killing black men.

Murder suspect said he came to New York City to kill black men, police say

Chances are you've seen them somewhere -- subscription boxes are all over the internet.

Sound too good to be true? The pros and cons of some popular subscription boxes

Milwaukee police responded to a crash near 16th Street and North Avenue on Wednesday morning, March 22nd.

Police seek suspects after crash near 16th Street and North Avenue

Police are searching for three people who attempted to steal items from a Hobby Lobby store in Menomonee Falls.

Police: 3 suspects sought for attempted theft from Hobby Lobby store

They've made improvements to two rooms, but say much of the home needs to be gutted and they can't afford it.

They're worried the state will say some of the kids can't live there anymore, and they could be split up. State officials tell FOX6's Contact 6 that happens very rarely.

“It’s terrifying to me:” Hartford family poisoned by lead paint

Some HAPPY news on this Wednesday!

Meet the new addition to FOX6's Jessob Reisbeck's family: Jase Tillman Reisbeck! Jensen is a big brother!
Suspended for seven days...

“He’s cried about it and he doesn’t understand why his school hates him."

Mom’s Facebook post goes viral after 4-year-old suspended for shell casing

We often hear about the dangers of lead paint, but we don't often hear about the people affected by it.

FOX6's Jenna Sachs introduces you to a family with NINE children, all with some level of lead in their blood. [ Fox6now.com Link ]
SPOTTED in Milwaukee Wednesday morning -- a Sun Pillar!

FOX6's Stephanie Barichello explains what it is: [ Fox6now.com Link ]
Video gambling in gas stations remains a crime, so when the Stadium Citgo kicked him out, he decided to return the favor.

“‘You want to go tit-for-tat? You guys ain’t a bar. You can’t even have machines,'” he told the gas station clerk. “You know what they said to me? ‘Oh what are you going to do about it?'”

Homeless gambler claims he lost thousands on ‘illegal’ gas station machines

"My life was hell. I was overdosing on average once every six months, requiring medical intervention every time. The last one I was lucky to come back. They almost didn't have enough Narcan to bring me back."

As of Wednesday, when he graduated from drug treatment court, he has a clean slate, and a second chance. [ Fox6now.com Link ]
She only realized what had happened when she walked back to her car and heard broken glass crunch under her feet.

Woman arrested after toddler left in car shoots out window

Recently we've told you about blood shortages in SE Wisconsin. Could students at MSOE have the solution?

FOX6's Beverly Taylor tells you more:
BREAKING UPDATE: A police officer and three civilians are dead after a shooting incident near Rothschild that began as a domestic dispute, and involved three crime scenes.

One suspect was taken into custody.

Police officer, 3 civilians dead after shooting incident near Rothschild; 3 crime scenes

WATCH LIVE: Officials offer update on shooting incident in Rothschild: via.fox6now.com/RTPr2
"The requirement, as it was explained to me, is they need to do for the students at St. Joan Antida what they're doing for their students."

St. Joan Antida files lawsuit against MPS arguing public transportation should be paid for by district

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She pleaded not guilty Wednesday, and her cash bail was then amended to $12,500 from $15,000.

Teacher accused of sexually assaulting 11-year-old boy pleads not guilty; cash bail lowered

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The Wisconsin Badgers are en route to New York, where they'll face the No. 4 Florida Gators FRIDAY in the Sweet Sixteen! How far do YOU think the Badgers will go in the NCAA Tourney?
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"It is really important to see how much your income can get you and how far your income goes."

“It is a big wake-up call:” Greendale H.S. students take part in Reality Day workshop