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50 Shades of Foxy.
Before a night of strenuous dancing, we recommend proper stretching. This PSA brought to you by our #FoxesofFoxtail.
Big Game Weekend with Method Man & Redman
#ICYMI Method Man and Redman brought the last night! #SuperBowlWeekend
Double trouble . We're just ✌days out from our #BigGame party with Method Man and Redman. Are you in?
Yeah ...we have a case of the Mondays, too. #IsItFridayYet?
Last time Method Man & Redman dropped in, things got . The guys return 2/4! #TBT #Zayn
Sometimes our DJs get thirsty.
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane ...no it's just Method Man and Redman returning to host the ultimate Big Game Weekend party on 2/4. Get your tix now at FoxtailNightclub.com
Rise and shine, Vegas! ☕
That Friday kind of feeling with DJ HOLLYWOOD.