Frank Gambale
01/23/2017 at 00:25. Facebook
GuitarPlus interview with Frank about his signature acoustic guitar 'Luxe' by Cort!!

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@Carvin, @DV Mark, @Daddario, @cortguitars

#frankgambale #gambalepicking #bluesguitar #blues #CarvinGuitars #KieselGuitars #DVMark...
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Frank Gambale
01/21/2017 at 22:33. Facebook
Frank and Alan Holdsworth signing at Kiesel Guitars!!

The energy around them is electrifying!!

Frank Gambale
01/21/2017 at 18:20. Facebook
Great hanging with Richard Bona today!!
Frank Gambale
01/20/2017 at 18:37. Facebook
And so it begins... NAMM 2017 @ Cort Guitars.
Frank getting ready to play his new Frank Gambale 'Luxe' Acoustic Guitar by Cort.
Frank Gambale
01/17/2017 at 16:36. Facebook
Don't miss the show this Wednesday night January 18th at 8:30pm!! One show only! Soulmine at it's finest at Catalina Jazz Club. See you there!!!
For Tickets click here:
[ Link ]
We're in the studio today hearing BOCA tear it up. The loss of her Father has cracked her soul wide open and it is all translating to track.
We as Artists put it all to music. Stay true to your Art. Let it all pour out.

Hi Folks,
Cool interview on Premier Guitar's Rig Rundown before a CCEB show.
[FREE Lesson Video] - Music From Scales Frank Gambale.
In this final video in the FREE video series as part of the Extended Black Friday + Xmas SALE event FG teaches us a cool concept on how to learn and use scales in this short, free taster lesson.
Head on over to [ Link ] to view the final hours of the SALE and SAVE $$$$ as well as check out the other 4...
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[New FREE Lesson Video] - D's Living Room Frank Gambale.
Check out the performance video of this tune + a few other FREE videos over at [ Link ] and SAVE $$$ in the final hours of the Xmas SALE!

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Hi Folks,
Check out a new video from the first night at Bird's Basement in Melbourne, Australia. This song is from my upcoming Soulmine 2 album coming soon!! It's called "Checked Out".
[ Link ]

The band is
Frank Gambale - guitar / vocals
Boca - lead vocal
Marco Luciani - keyboards
Alex Evans - bass
Mike Shapiro - drums
Nick Kellie - rhythm guitar


Frank Gambale Soulmine "Checked Out"

New song from Frank Gambale's upcoming Soulmine 2 album live at Bird's Basement in Melbourne, Australia Dec 27th, 2016

'Inspiration in life is essential. When I need it, I look, listen, read and admire intently to the great masters both past and present.'
Frank Gambale
[ Link ]

Xmas SALE!! MASSIVE SAVINGS | THE 'Sweep Picking' Technique Originator!!

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Hi Folks,
I have some live radio interviews here in Melbourne that you can tune into! We'll play a few songs acoustically live. The first is on PBS FM on the Steve Passiouras show called FretNet at 11:am Melbourne time ( just under 3 hours from now! ).
Here's a link;
[ Link ]
Saturday 11am Melbourne time we'll be on Triple R Independent Radio on a show called "Off The Record" with...
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Fret Net
Xmas SALE over at the [ Link ] - Merry Xmas Folks
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK!!! May you and your family enjoy family time in Australia. Love and best wishes from FG Admin
The Xmas SALE over at the [ Link ] is underway!! An extension of the Black Friday sale event with two more videos to be unlocked! Stay tuned for those you don't want to miss them!! And for those of you who haven't seen there are several videos to view and enjoy for FREE including some astounding performances and lessons!!

Head over to the site to check them...
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Black Friday Sales 2016
Leaving for Australia today. Really excited about the new Soulmine band.

FG - lead guitar, lead vocals
Boca - lead vocals
Alex Evans - bass, backing vocals (Whitney Houston Patti Labelle )
Mike Shapiro - drums ( Herb Albert, Ivan Lins )
Marco Luciani - keyboards, backing vocals ( Gino Vanelli )
Nick Kellie - Rhythm guitar, background vocals ( Three Degrees )

We'll be video...
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Jazz Bar Melbourne | Live Music Tonight