Frans Timmermans
yesterday at 18:53. Facebook
Today we had a very inspiring debate in Davos on 'Which Europe now?' with Mrs. Ana Botín, Group Executive Chairwoman of Banco Santander, Mr. Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mr. Martin Schulz, former President of the European Parliament and now member of Parliament, under the excellent leadership of Maurice Lévy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Publicis.

We spoke...
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Which Europe Now?
Frans Timmermans
01/18/2017 at 20:48. Facebook
It's freezing 17 degrees Celsius in Davos, but inside the debates are heated. And rightfully so as all participants, be they from business, civil society or government, understand that we are up against many, big challenges. These challenges range from getting our economies moving again, protecting our borders, forging a sustainable future, all the way to taking a position in the ongoing...
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EU's Timmermans: Protectionism Harms Peoples' Interests
Frans Timmermans
01/17/2017 at 09:43. Facebook
Working towards a united and successful EU is of course in the interest of European citizens, but it is also in the strategic interest of the US. Watch my interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN here: [ Link ]

Timmermans: US will understand importance of EU - CNN Video
Despite the challenges we face, I have high hopes for 2017 if we pull together. Divided we stand alone weathering the gusts of globalisation, but united we can harness it, reap its benefits, protect all our citizens and face the future with confidence. I welcome the Maltese presidency of the Council of the European Union, wish them all the best and look forward to working together for the next...
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Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2017. You can read why I have high hopes for our future here (in German, English & French):
[ Link ]

Gastbeitrag von Frans Timmermans: Fordern wir 2017 unsere Zukunft zurück
Today the UN SDG Ambassador, Her Majesty, the Queen of the Belgians will address the High Level Policy Summit 'Europe's Response to Sustainability Challenges' and open the debate on the follow up to 2030 Agenda. If you want to see how the European Commission makes the Sustainable Development Goals central to its work, follow the debate live:

[ Link ]
"We need a European patriotism based on individual countries yet recognizing that together we stand stronger in the world. That even when we sometimes give up something, we get much more in return. A patriot doesn’t fear the world; but a nationalist does."

You can read the English version of the interview that I gave to Handelsblatt today here:

[ Link ]

Nationalists paint a picture of a past that never was as beautiful as they claim, says Frans Timmermans
More than half a century ago, on this day in 1948 in Paris, representatives of different cultures, traditions and nationalities gathered in the UN General Assembly to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Art 1. sums it up eloquently:

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in...
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Universal Declaration of Human Rights | United Nations
Je suis très honoré d'avoir reçu un prix spécial du livre européen pour mon livre "Fraternité" mercredi dernier. Voici mon discours sur la puissance et le besoin de littérature.
Yesterday I had the great pleasure to have a wonderful citizens' dialogue in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The audience was filled with the smartest, healthiest, best connected and wealthiest generation in the history of Europe. I called upon them to work for a European patriotism, to reject European nationalism, and to make sure, that no one, absolutely no one will be left behind.

LIVE Citizens Dialogue with First Vice-President Frans TIMMERMANS in Maastricht
I wrote an article on 'one year of constitutional crisis in Poland' that was published today (8 December 2016) in the Polish daily 'Rzeczpospolita'.

Below you can read the English translation.
See link for original article in Polish: [ Link ]

Over the last year, what started as a relatively simple dispute over the composition of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal has turned into a...
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Frans Timmermans: Niepokoję się o Polskę - Publicystyka -
Zachtmoedig en vasthoudend, hard werkend en sociaal voelend, bedachtzaam en vrolijk. Beide benen stevig op de Limburgse grond, met een groot hart voor landbouw en natuur. Met de nuchterheid en de warmte die zo kenmerkend zijn voor Limburgers uit de Peel. Zo zal ik mij Servaas herinneren. En ik zal hem, net als Thijs Wöltgens, altijd dankbaar zijn voor de wijze raad aan een beginnend kamerlid,...
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Oud-politicus Servaas Huys overleden
For quality journalism, you need time, you need people to ask questions, to dig into things. It is much cheaper to have an opinion. An opinion is free, you just write it in an hour or two and that will fill the pages of a newspaper but you will not get to the bottom of things happening to society – if you don’t investigate, if you don’t ask questions, if you don’t take the time to write that...
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Opening speech, held by First Vice President Timmermans at the Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights, 17/11/2016 - European Commission - European Commission
In Bratislava voor een vergadering met vertegenwoordigers van de parlementen van alle lidstaten van de EU, waaronder leden van de Nederlandse Eerste en Tweede Kamer.
Zelden zoiets spectaculairs gezien als nummer 33 tussen ronde 55 en de finish. Zelden een meer verdiende podiumplek voor Max Verstappen 33. Pure, pure klasse!

Verstappen blij met regen, Rosberg jaagt op eerste titel in Brazilië
So you have danced your last waltz. You bard, you poet. You Mensch. Thank you for the joy, the consolation, the inspiration. So many little big songs, so many casual lines about deep feelings that would stay in our minds once we listened to you sing them. A long round of applause for the giant who left the stage.

Leonard Cohen - Take This Waltz

Take This Waltz