This is a brand new version of my folk soundtrack Revival, brought to a new level thanks to the amazing guitar playing of Tyler Reese, the hand drums and percussions of Matthew Burgess, and the expert production and bass touch of Jeff Silverman, all recorded live from Nashville via Palette VSN studios.

Featuring: Tyler Reese (guitar), Matthew Burgess (drums and percussions) and Jeff Silverman...
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Shake off your shadow and revive
Playing at Urban Yoga in Surry Hills on Thursday from 7pm - 1 hour of violin with original songs such as Solar and Tyrian Dance and new unreleased soundtracks. It's a fantastic studio with amazing teachers, so I hope to see you there for some nurturing yoga!
Reuniting again with Kit Pham for a new song and jazz improvisation session!
For anyone in Sydney tomorrow, 90 mins of live violin combined with yoga slow flow. I will be playing some unreleased originals.
Now this is an inspiring musical journey from the french duo Perceptions. Let their awesome sound take you!

Craft II
Magnificent piano piece by pianist and composer Jeff Chipman. If you love beautiful piano pieces go check out his sound cloud page.

Improvised session with Kit Pham in the studio this weekend. Jazzy vibes.
An awesome piece of music from the distinguished composer Jesse Dempsey of Nylon Studios in Sydney - Music score for Triumph Motorcycles charity Distinguished Gentlemen

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2016 Register Now!
Getting ready to improvise on some beats tonight!
Good morning Ho Chi Minh City!!
Hey everyone, this is a remix of my classical song Emergence, with brand new acoustic violin layers.

Bring sparks into your daily life!
Voici mon dernier morceau créé cette semaine, “Ascent”, mélangeant thèmes celtiques avec des arrangements de musique classique et un solo de violon électrique, et racontant le voyage d’un aigle s’élançant du haut d’une montagne, pour traverser un orage et s’élever au-dessus des nuages ou le soleil règne a nouveau. Ce morceau est disponible en téléchargement gratuit exclusivement sur le site...
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Celebrate your light within!

Jazz guitar and violin with Kit Pham at Soulbow studios yesterday...


Friday Jamming with Violin and Guitar

If you need music be inspired for the new year, focus or just chill listen to my latest album for free on

Soulbow - Celebration EP
Hi everyone, check out the intro video of my latest album, The Celebration, with 8 amazing soundtracks to bring joy, love, and exultation to your holiday!

Bring unforgettable moments to your holiday!

Music for the Inspiration within | Contemporary

Hi everyone,

Feeling bored of the traditional Christmas Carols? I'm excited to release the new album, The Celebration, just in time for Christmas. It is a sensational collection to fuel your holiday with abundant moments of magical joy, connected love, and breathtaking exultation. Click to enjoy the uniquely marvellous experience!

Let’s celebrate holidays in a contemporary style!