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Freddie Mcgregor
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Freddie Mcgregor
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His birthday is in 13 days and so just wanna celebrate a brother from another mother. Still miss yu
Freddie Mcgregor
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A taste of Zosia at Rebel Salute #musicmondays
Freddie Mcgregor
01/16/2017 at 13:28. Facebook
Blessed Monday Friends. My daughter Zosia sung this one in a tribute to me on Saturday at her first big show. Enjoy for yourself. #musicmondays #freddiemcgregormusic #bigshipempress

Freddie McGregor - Prophecy

Taxi riddim

Something old. Have a blessed day! #throwbackthursday #freddiemcgregormusic
Blessed love fans. Have a great Wednesday and spread some love today #freediemcgregormusic
On Thursday we love to throwback. #freddiemcgregormusic #dennisbrown
On Wednesdays we celebrate WE so sending some love to this sistren. This is one of my faves hope it will spread some joy to your day....#freddiemcgregormusic #bigshipmusic #reggae #marciagriffiths

Marcia Griffiths - "DREAMLAND" (reggae) w/lyrics

Lavishn's Reggae Bliss Collection - (LOVER'S PRAYER) Marcia Griffiths (lyrics) There's a land -- That I -- have heard about -- So far across the -- sea There...

A special one as I missed yesterday. Give thanks for another year and a New Year to progress, be productive and stay positive - we were all born to be WINNERS and with H.I.M in mind we will always be! #truetomyroots #musicmondays #freddiemcgregormusic

I was born a winner - Freddie McGregor

I was born a winner

FAN-tastic Friday stocking stuffer: Great holiday music, [ Link ], remember the little things and stay "True to Your Roots", as I stay true to mine!!! "True to My Roots 2016" for the people, by the people.

Freddie Mc Gregor - Feliz Navidad

Reggae cover of the popular Christmas tune Feliz Navidad

When I was a boy...#throwbackthursday #freddiemcgregormusic
On a #talktuesday ...what say you

Reggae Grammy Award Lambasted