Free The Children
03/22/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Did you know that more than 663 million people around the world live without access to safe drinking water, while at least 2.4 billion still lack access to adequate sanitation facilities? That’s one in three people! This World Water Day, make a donation to provide people in developing communities access to safe water! Donate to our clean water and sanitation pillar today: [ Link ]...
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Free The Children
03/21/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
Clean water is a basic human right, and for 15-year-old Yadira, a right she was never afforded. She would have to walk back and forth to a nearby community to collect pails of unclean water. Watch how one water project changed her life forever: [ Link ]

This #WorldWaterDay, help us reach our goal to give 800 people access to clean water. Donate today.

Teenager turns on the tap for the first time. - Track Your Impact
Fact: One in three people across the globe still lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. This week, we’re celebrating World Water Day, and we invite you to help us make a difference in the lives of those in developing communities! Donate to our clean water and sanitation pillar today: [ Link ] #WorldWaterDay #WEareMakers
When Nancy Rop no longer had to walk 4 kilometers each day to collect water for her family, she launched her own food kiosk business. Read how gaining entrepreneur status empowered her:

How an enterprising mom is building her family’s future, one dish at a time. - Track Your Impact
"I came to learn that people who were not getting education are at risk of committing crimes. So many cases were being reported here... when education came, everything started to change."

Watch Cheres, a former police chief in the community of Enelerai in Kenya, explain how crime rates dropped when education moved into the area:

From fighting crime to fighting for education: Kenya's top cop turned head cheerleader. - Track Your Impact
Limited access to clean water is a crisis we can solve. This World Water Day, we have a mission: improve access to clean, safe drinking water for 800 people around the world. Every donation gives people in developing communities this access. Take action for clean water. #WEareMakers

Help us reach this goal, donate today: [ Link ]
In Kenya's Maasai Mara, 52 students are redefining what's possible for a girl. The students at WE's Kisaruni group of schools are some of the first females in their families to graduate high school. These change-makers and emerging leaders that are paving the way to a new generation! Today, and everyday, the WE Movement celebrates their achievement. Donate to our Opportunity Pillar today: [...
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Oleleshwa Women's week version
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Today we come together to support and celebrate the great female makers of the world. The women who raised opportunities for their family, community and the world. Together we create opportunity. #WEareMakers
Donate to our Opportunity Pillar today: [ Link ]
We use our hands, our ideas, our energy, our heart to build up communities, to raise our families, to make the world a better place. Together #WEareMakers. This International Women’s Day (March 8), lets come together as makers to build a future of strength and opportunity for all women.

Donate to our Opportunity Pillar today: [ Link ]
Read the story of Kingasunye, a mother from Kenya who's life began to change when WE partnered with her community. Together, WE and Kingasunye's community built the Baraka Hospital, which provides preventative and curative health care services, including a new maternity wing. Now, Kingasunye says she "can confidently say that my children will be able to live healthy lives and achieve their...
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Michael is a Maasai farmer in the Olorien community in Nork County, Kenya. When he started losing his sight, his family started fearing for their future. Watch Michael's story here, as it takes him to the Kishon Health Clinic, a yellow-brick haven for those seeking medical care in the area.

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A healthy life starts at home. Empower mothers to give their children a healthy start in life. This Valentine’s Day help women learn how to keep their babies well with a pre-natal workshops for new mothers. Donate today: [ Link ]
This is Mama Nancy. She owns a household farm and has a recent addition to the family. Cheseget, is a dairy cow that is not only providing enough milk for Mama Nancy and her family, but she’s also an additional income source. Check out their morning activities here: [ Link ]
Olga reminds us that when women are empowered, they gain the courage to transform their own lives, and the lives around them. In Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, Olga and many other women have become leaders. By learning skills such as financial literacy, small-business management, and public speaking they can provide for their families and make investments that last a lifetime. Read Olga’s full...
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Let’s continue our spirit of giving to transform the lives of children all over the world, because every child deserves an education. When a child is educated, they gain the tools to break the cycle of poverty and revitalize their community. Donate today: [ Link ]
Happy New Year! Thank you for putting smiles on faces and changing the lives of those in our communities. The impacts you made in 2016 will have a life-changing effect in 2017 and the years to come. We’re excited to see how you will continue to help make a difference in 2017!