Do you know how it feels to freedive with the giants of the sea?
It feels inspiring, humbling, exhilarating, exciting and emotional, all at the same time...even more so when they do acknowledge your presence there by slowing down or stopping and coming closer to have a look at you:)

Greast short clip by Jacques de Vos - Underwater Photography & Media
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02/24/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
Who's up for some turtle freediving?

Join one of our freediving trips to Ras Mohamed if you are around!
[ Link ]
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Are you a certified freediving instructor and want to bring your groups to freedive to Tenerife?

Use our facilities and/or accommodation and all you have to worry is to get yourself to us at Atlantis Freediving: we will arrange everything for you!

Deals for Instructors with their own Groups - Atlantis Freediving Tenerife
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Great photos from our latest level 1 course at Freedive Dahab. Our new freedivers already look like pro just after 2 days:)
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This is one of the easiest to reach and easiest to freedive (and scuba dive) wrecks you can find, and it's located within a stone's throw from our freedving center in Tenerife:)
Best background for photos, videos and to play around with your Gopro!
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02/20/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
That is how a group of confused freedivers looks like:))

Shot in Dahab's Blue Hole during a master training session
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Rough day at work for instructor Nico in Zanzibar....28 degrees water, 20 meters visibility, pretty students wearing bikinis instead of wetsuits...what a hard life:)

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Freediving season is open again Zanzibar! The period from mid February to mid April is the best for freediving!
Don't miss it:)

more info:
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Latest blog entry about finning technique for freediving!
We hope you find some good tips in here:)

Freediving Training Tips #11 – Freediving Fins & Technique | FreeDiveInternational
Hike and Freedive all on the sme trip during one of our training weeks in Tenerife with Atlantis Freediving!
Only for outdoor lovers:)
What do you think on the ascent, when you are really close to the surface but you are starving for a breath and can't wait to start breathing again?
Freedivers have different approaches to this (mentally and physically) challenging moments; some are better than others, and some can keep you from blacking out more than others!
What's your experience?
Tell us and we will discuss it in the next...
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Freediving can make people smile and bring happiness!
At Blue-Immersion Freediving now: full boat, great visibility and awesome people:)
Do you know why sled diving is a lot of fun?
Because it's so easy and fast, and most of the times you don't even experience the urge to breathe during the dives!
Of course it needs to be practiced safely and using common sense, and when the safety rules are followed, just the fun is left and it is truly addictive:)

We offer sled diving in 2 of our schools, Freedive Dahab (up to experienced...
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Want to freedive with a champion? Samo Jeranko will be guest at Atlantis Freediving (Tenerife) in April, to teach a workshop about depth adapation. Don't miss the opportunity to dive with him!

More info, dates and pricing, here: [ Link ]

Who is Samo Jeranko? the answer here:
[ Link ]
A few years ago we posted this video on our You Tube Channel and a few weeks ago it took off and reached over 1 million views!

If you haven't see it before, make sure you watch it now, and enjoy:)

Inside The Walls - Freediving Ras Mohammed

Tanguy , Stefan, Gregory and Jacques de Vos spent the day diving Ras Mohammed and quickly discovered that there were a few routes scuba divers or the average...

If your resolution for 2017 is to become a Freediving Instructor, this is your best chance!
The SSI Instructor Training Course is a 10 day full immersion in the professional freediving world an learn how to teach and how to market your courses.
Available at Freedive Dahab; next starting dates, 25 March and 19 May.
Price, 1040 euro including instructor kit (the instructor kit includes: all...
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Did you ever dream to be able to do this after just one week of starting freediving???
Well, you CAN!
Beat just started freediving and like him, many others were able to freedive to 20/25 meters very comfortably after just one week of practice, and glide on one breath above this awesome little wreck we have just in front of our freediving center in Tabaiba, Tenerife:)
Join us!
Funny and interesting illustration of the "sign and symptoms" of freediving:
the above photo shows what people see from outside when someone is freediving, while the photo below shows what is going on in the head of the freediver during the performance.

It is very natural to go through mental struggles during a performance, especially when it is a demanding one.

It is very hard not to...
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Great level 3 course at Freedive Dahab. Lots of knowledge learned, balloon practice, exhale dives and deep dives achieved with the use of the mouthfill technique:)
Thanks to our super instructor for the great tuition and the photos!