A duck dive for a CWT dive with monofin can be done in 2 different ways:
the regular and most popular duck dive will end with an arm stroke, so that you have to bring your arms towards your legs. Most monofin freedivers will descend with their arms above the head, meaning that if they do the regular dive dive they will have to bring their arms up one more time to get into the right position....
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Freedive International
01/19/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
As promised, our latest blog post about Mask Equalization for freediving and efficient use of the air to equalize during the descent.

We hope you find it interesting and useful:)

Freediving Training Tips #10 – Efficient Mask Equalization | FreeDiveInternational

Freedive International
01/18/2017 at 21:12. Facebook
It is so easy to get frustrated and wanting to quit when equalization doesn't work at the first try...this is when a lot of beginners usually give up and decide freediving is not for them.
BIG mistake! Equalization problems are VERY common and most of the times it takes just a couple of days to fix!
Here beginner student Ahmed working on it during his level 1 with Freedive Dahab
Freedive International
01/18/2017 at 13:14. Facebook
Freedivers playing at Eel Garden, one of the most stunning dive sites of Dahab (Egypt), where the sand is so white that it reflects light like nowhere else!

Shot with Ikelite Underwater Systems during a fun photoshoot session wtih Jacques de Vos.
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01/16/2017 at 10:06. Facebook
We would like to announce the next Training Week Package at Atlantis Freediving Tenerife available are:
12-17 Febraury
04-09 March

Included in the price:
– Buoys and weights;
– A freediving instructor for safety and tips to improve;
– 7 nights accommodation in a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms, an ample living room area and sea-view balcony. You can choose between single or double...
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Freedive International
01/15/2017 at 18:36. Facebook
Imagine the most realistic first-person videogame you can and then compare it with real life freediving through a wreck, underwater canyon or cave....No computer simulation can ever give you a fraction of that feeling of awe and adventure!
If you are a freediver and an adventure enthusiast this is really a must do!
(Remember that this form of freediving can be dangerous if done without...
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Bubbles = Fun (especially when you are freedving in a cool place:)

Shot at Canyon dive site in Dahab with Ikelite Underwater Systems
Some cool action at Freedive Dahab!
Newly born freedivers have been sent into the world:)
Do you see those bubbles coming out of the freediver's mask as he is equalizing his ears? And do you know why that's not ideal?

Tell us your thoughts and let us know your questions; we will answer them and sum it all up in the next blog post:)

Photo shot in Dahab during a Level 3 course - ideally at this point a freediver should already have corrected this bad habit, but sometimes, when a...
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Sometimes we take a break from training and go freediving for fun !

In Tenerife there are a couple of dive sites where you can dive / freedive with Atlantic Rays (and other kind of rays too), and it is very worth to take some time out of your training schedule to do that:)
40 meters of depth is an unforgettable milestone in each freediver career, and it certainly deserve a celebration photo and a big smile!
Congratulations Petra!
Freediver Karin who is now with us in Tenerife, looking graceful in the water after 3 full years of no training!
Shot with Ikelite Underwater Systems in Tabaiba bay.

Happy week-end to all freedivers:)
Do something different this year and join our VALENTINE TRAINING WEEK PACKAGE ❤
New freedivers still ask: "what is the secret of freediving?"
Unfortunately, there is no secret!
So how do you become a good freediver?
2- Get to know the real yourself (and not what you would like it to be:), and then find out how to talk to him ("just do it!" is usually not the right thing to say).

Sounds like a strange advice? Once you accept that a lot about freediving is...
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Want to learn the famous mouthfill technique and explore new depths !?!

Level 3 course, 4 days of deep and intense work on Mouthfill Technique, Exhale Diving, and many deep dives!
Yes, this also apply to Freediving and it's a good new year resolution: enjoy every little dive, not only the deepest and most impressive ones!
Video shot by our super student Tomas during his time with us; som fun exploring the wreck in between training sessions:)

Freediving wreck Tenerife

Wreck located outside Tabaiba, depth 20-30m

Congratulations to Pontus, who just successfully completed his instructor course at Blue-Immersion Freediving!
Some clips of one of the last training weeks we had in Tenerife.
Dee, Natasha, Irek and Alex training each at their own individual level and depth.
Thanks for joining guys!