Action Alert: Please act now to thwart Pompeo for CIA on state/church grounds

As Michael Moore at the Women's March on Washington said, "We have to get busy, folks. We have a lot of work ahead of us." The Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker gave marchers a "to do" list, including calling Congress every day!

We won't be asking you in these national action alerts to quite do that, but in the...
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The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an educational, watchdog organization working to keep church and state separate, has had many significant legal accomplishments nationwide.

The Foundation has taken and won more challenges of the "faith-based initiative" than any other national group to date.

The national Foundation has brought more than 40 First Amendment lawsuits since 1977, and keeps...
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Special Weekly Report: What a week!

What a week for all of us — including those of us here at the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Now, not all of our recent work has to do with our new president. There’s been a lot else going on for us, too. But he and his underlings have taken up a good amount of our time.

The troublesome nominees
Early in the week, we put out a statement describing...
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Mercer school board, superintendent sued over Bible classes

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and a member of the Wisconsin-based nonprofit who’s a parent of a student at a public Mercer County elementary school filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to declare unconstitutional a Bible classes program in Mercer’s public school system.

The lawsuit — filed against the Mercer school board...
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Mercer school board, superintendent sued over Bible classes
Illinois school district apologizes to FFRF for coach’s public piety

An Illinois school district has said sorry to the Freedom From Religion Foundation for a coach's participation in prayer gatherings at school matches.

On Dec. 26, after a game between Vandalia Community High School and Pana High School, Coach Brian Buscher took part in a prayer circle with students of both teams. Buscher...
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This week on Freethought Radio: Keep America Secular with Larry Decker

It’s a rocky road ahead for secular Americans. Trump’s inauguration is infused with evangelical fervor and many of his cabinet picks have a religious-right agenda. FFRF attorney Rebecca Markert tells us how we got two Christian crosses removed from public property this week (in California and Minnesota).

We support the...
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On this date in 1853, freethinker and suffragist Helen H. Gardener, née Alice Chenoweth, was born in Virginia, the youngest daughter of a minister. Changing her name in her thirties, Alice became a writer in New York City, studied biology at Columbia and met "the Great Agnostic" Robert Green Ingersoll. Helen undertook a lecture series in 1884, which was published the next year by the Truth...
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FFRF's marquee, today. #ThanksObama
We will be here for secular people, fighting like hell for your rights! #SecularAmerica #Inauguration

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FFRF is fighting back — Protest the Religious Right inauguration by joining us!

The presidential inauguration will be drenched with prayer, bibles and religion. We asked Trump to honor the secular language of the constitutional oath (no bible, no swearing to a God) by keeping religion out of the public inauguration. Instead, Trump has invited a record six preachers and pastors — most...
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On this date in 1956, comedian, television personality, author and freethought advocate William Maher Jr. was born in New York City to a Jewish mother and Catholic father. He was raised in River Vale, N.J., and attended Cornell University. Maher started his stand-up comedy career in 1979, and still performs at least 50 gigs a year in Las Vegas and across the country. The 22-time Emmy-nominated...
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Donald Trump will start off his presidency by inserting religion into what should be the most secular of events — his public Inaugural on Friday. That’s not so unusual, unfortunately. What’s different about Trump’s choice of prayer officiants is that there are so many — six in all: five Christian leaders, plus a rabbi. None is a mainstream Protestant. As National Public Radio reported, three...
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Evangelicals who pushed Donald Trump over the top in the election are surely pleased with several of his appointments to the cabinet and other high-ranking positions in his administration.

Trump promised to be "the greatest representative of the Christians," and he seems to be heading in that direction. Before even being elected, he chose Mike Pence as a running mate, a man who denies...
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FFRF objects to official prayer meeting in Jackson, Miss.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has strongly objected to a recent police chief-led prayer meeting in Mississippi's capital and largest city.

"State and local leaders gathered Friday for a prayer meeting," reports a TV station. "It was held at the Jackson Police Department's headquarters. Jackson police and firefighters gathered...
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Minnesota town removes religious war memorial after FFRF protests

A Minnesota town has removed a religious veterans' war memorial after the Freedom From Religion Foundation protested.

In Veterans Memorial Park in the city of Belle Plaine, there was a display of a soldier kneeling before a Latin cross next to the Veterans Memorial Stone. This display was reportedly added to the park very...
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On this date in 1809, writer Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston. When his parents, both actors, died before he was three, Edgar was adopted by John Allan, who educated him in London and Virginia. Poe attended the University of Virginia for one year before dropping out. He began writing poetry, served in the U.S. Army for two years, and was awarded a prize for a short story in 1833. He moved to...
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Did you know that A. A. Milne, author of "Winnie the Pooh", was a Freethinker? Learn more here: [ Link ]