Monumental FFRF victory: Commandments marker removed from Pa. school

A 6-foot Ten Commandments monument has finally been hauled away from a Pennsylvania public high school due to a Freedom From Religion Foundation lawsuit.

"The Ten Commandments monument no longer is in front of Valley Jr.-Sr. High School in New Kensington," reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "The monument apparently was...
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FFRF sues Texas judge over courtroom prayers

A national state/church watchdog and three individuals have filed a federal lawsuit to stop a Texas justice of the peace from imposing prayers at the start of each court session.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, along with three plaintiffs directly affected by Judge Wayne Mack's religious rituals, filed suit today in the U.S. District Court...
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On this date in 1930, composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim was born in New York City to nonreligious Jewish parents. "The school chosen for him . . . had been founded by Felix Adler, a nineteenth-century social reformer who had begun life as a rabbinical student but who had decided that religion was inadequate to deal with the problems of the modern world. Being born into an observant...
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FFRF, ACLU appeal Indiana nativity decision

Community members in Indiana backed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU are heading to appeals court even after triumphing in a nativity display case.

Although winning a strong ruling in March that ended a live nativity pageant in a local public school, plaintiffs in Elkhart, Ind., today asked the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals...
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FFRF in the News: 2 Arkansas school boards to cease praying

Two school boards in northern Arkansas have stopped praying before meetings -- at least for the time being.

The boards, in Springdale and Harrison, are researching the legality of the public prayers before making a final decision.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, Wis., sent a letter to school boards in Springdale on...
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Action Alert: Urge your senators to reject Neil Gorsuch

Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court poses a threat to the constitutionally enshrined principle of separation of church and state. Please contact your U.S. senators urging them to oppose him.

Gorsuch's record has revealed that he cannot be trusted to abide by well-established legal principles. His decision in Hobby...
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On this date in 1970, Cenk Uygur was born in Istanbul, Turkey. When he was eight, his family moved to New Jersey, where he graduated from high school. Uygur majored in management at the Wharton School of Business, and later earned a J.D. from Columbia University. Uygur was raised as a not-very-strict Muslim, but lost his faith after taking a college course about Islam and reading the Quran and...
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FFRF: Dump Trump’s vouchers from budget

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is sounding the alarm over President Trump's educational agenda in his recent budget proposal. The "America First: A Blueprint to Make America Great Again" plan includes $250 million for a new federal voucher school program.

Vouchers are a backdoor means of funding religious schools with taxpayer money, undermining...
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FFRF in the News: A Program To Tell Stories about Muslim Children Suspended From Public School

A children's theater program centered around Muslim stories has been suspended at a New York City public school because critics say it violated the constitutional line separating church and state.

The Brooklyn Children's Theatre has worked for years with P.S. 230, an elementary school in...
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A Program To Tell Stories about Muslim Children Suspended From Public School
On this date in 1922, the great Carl Reiner was born in the Bronx, New York. His parents were Jewish immigrants. Reiner started his distinguished career in Broadway musicals and then broke into comedy in 1960 on “The Steve Allen Show.” Among his lifetime achievements in writing, directing, producing and acting for television and film, Reiner is probably most noted for creating, directing and...
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Special Weekly Report: Don’t cross us at FFRF!

We at the Freedom From Religion Foundation were frenetically combating religious and constitutional wrongdoing this week — and often succeeding in the process.

Celebrating victories

We celebrated a number of wins. In a long-standing battle, we were able to claim final victory. Our triumphant lawsuit removing a 14-foot granite cross in a...
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On this date in 1821, Sir Richard Francis Burton was born in Great Britain. The colorful adventurer and explorer, educated at Oxford, served in the army in India, where he began to study languages and Muslim culture. Burton became fluent in nearly 30 languages. Posing as a pilgrim, he was the first nonMuslim to partake in the rituals of Mecca, writing a book about the experience. He made...
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FFRF is reason for Ill. school district constitutional tutorial

An Illinois school district coached its employees on the Constitution after the Freedom From Religion Foundation complained about its overly religious staff.

Personnel from the Teutopolis Community Unit School District #50, including basketball coach Mike Walker, prayed with student athletes after a recent game against Pana High...
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FFRF in the News: Secular group asks Longwood to remove cross at City Hall

A Wisconsin organization that advocates for the separation of church and state is demanding that Longwood officials remove a cross that has been on display in the back of the City Commission chambers since June.

The white wooden cross — which stands about 4 feet tall and has the words “We Will Never Forget Their...
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Secular group asks Longwood to remove cross at City Hall
This week on Freethought Radio: Spring Into Action with Patrick Elliott and Sam Grover

Learn how you can take action to stop religion from invading our secular government: complain about the bible as the state book of Arkansas, “Choose Life” license plates in Nebraska, a Christian cross in a Florida city hall, state bills banning life-saving research, and the federal attack on women’s...
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Freethought of the Day
Wishing you a happy Friday out of FFRF's headquarters today!
FFRF provides Senate tough questions to ask Gorsuch

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is providing the Senate hard-hitting questions to ask Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

The state/church watchdog group has submitted a number of queries to the Senate Judiciary Committee to pose to Gorsuch at his confirmation hearing on Monday, March 20.

Most of FFRF's questions relate to Gorsuch's...
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FFRF objects to crosses at Texas county courthouse

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is strongly protesting the presence of multiple crosses at a Texas courthouse.

A white Latin cross is on display outside the Orange County Courthouse next to the main entrance. In addition, there is a veterans' memorial on the grounds of the courthouse that features a large Latin cross and the phrase,...
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On this date in 1851, Robert Peel Glanville Blatchford was born in Maidstone, England. Blatchford was raised by his actress mother after his father's death. At age 20, he joined the army, which he served in for six years, attaining the rank of sergeant after a year and a half. He was deeply influenced by his military service, and would go on to write several books drawn from this experience,...
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