Freedom to Marry
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Taiwan could be the first jurisdiction in Asia to allow same-sex couples the freedom to marry! Take a look:

Taiwan Top Court Hears Landmark Case on the Freedom to Marry for Same-Sex Couples
Freedom to Marry
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Great news! The Osage Nation in Oklahoma joins several other tribal nations in affirming the freedom to marry for same-sex couples! [ Link ]

Osage Nation in Oklahoma Votes โ€˜Yesโ€™ to Recognize Marriages Between Same-Sex Couples Under Law
Freedom to Marry
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Our longtime staffer Cameron โ€“ who worked for Freedom to Marry for 6 years and led digital campaigns in dozens of states โ€“ is married! He and his husband Alfie wed in New York last month. Congratulations to the happy couple โ€“ and thanks to Cameron for his years of work toward the freedom to marry nationwide!
Congratulations to the happy couple โ€“ actor Colton Haynes of "Arrow" and his fiancรฉ Jeff Leatham!

Colton Haynes is now engaged. Oh, and Cher helped.
Did you see this great Q&A with Evan Wolfson on Queerty, focused on the Freedom To Marry Movie and next steps for the LGBT movement? Take a look! [ Link ]

Evan Wolfson on how to defend marriage equality during the rise of the antigay right
โ€˜The Freedom to Marryโ€™ effectively zeroes in on Evan Wolfson and his long, tireless work in making gay marriage a reality.

Documentary 'The Freedom to Marry' Chronicles the Long Road for Gay Rights
Hey New Mexico! A documentary on the marriage movement, featuring us, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders - GLAD, and more, is in Albuquerque this week (including a special screening alongside Together New Mexico Thursday night) and Santa Fe next week! Learn more about the ABQ screenings below, and see the full calendar for Freedom To Marry Movie:

Catch THE FREEDOM TO MARRY at Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, NM This Week!
Don't miss Evan Wolfson and Eddie Rosenstein, director of the Freedom To Marry Movie, speaking out about what they want audiences to learn from the new documentary on winning marriage for same-sex couples:

Eddie Rosenstein And Evan Wolfson On What They Want Audiences To Take Away From "The Freedom To Marry"
The epic, nail-biting, untold story of how same-sex marriage became law of the land. THE FREEDOM TO MARRY follows Evan Wolfson, the architect the movement, civil rights attorney Mary Bonauto and their key colleagues on this decades long battle, culminating in a dramatic fight at the United States Su...

TICKETS to The Freedom to Marry at Village East Cinema in NYC: March 3-9
We're excited for next week's The Freedom to Marry: NYC Theatrical Premiere - get your tickets to the nail-biting documentary Freedom To Marry Movie, which showcases what happens when people come together and fight for change: [ Link ]

ONE WEEK Until New York Theatrical Debut of Marriage Documentary
SAME-sex marriage will happen in Australia sooner rather than later, the architect of the successful US campaign for equality says, and heโ€™s coming down to help.

Gay Marriage Will Happen in Australia - Hereโ€™s How. The โ€˜Yesโ€™ Campaignโ€™s Secret Weapon is Coming
The new documentary โ€˜The Freedom to Marry,โ€™ which in part follows our campaign to win marriage nationwide and features Evan Wolfson, Marc Solomon, Mary Bonauto, and more, is coming to a city near you! Full list: [ Link ]
From a new study, demonstrating the broad significance of the freedom to marry for society: "These are high-school students so they are not getting married anytime soon, for the most part. Still, permitting same-sex marriage reduces structural stigma associated with sexual orientation. There may be something about having equal rights - even if they have no immediate plans to take advantage of...
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Allowing Marriage for Same-Sex Couples Linked to Drop in Teenage Suicide Attempts
The freedom to marry for same-sex couples, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet says, is โ€œnot only a demand of the international Justice system, but a legitimate demand of Chilean society.โ€ [ Link ]

Chile Takes First Step Toward Marriage Equality
Great step forward in Estonia, where a same-sex couple has won the freedom to marry and the country is closer to embracing marriage for same-sex couples nationwide: [ Link ]

Same-Sex Couple Wins the Freedom to Marry in Estonia
An appropriate #TBT today to President Obama making history and becoming the first sitting president to announce support for the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in 2012, following hundreds of thousands urging him to say "I do" โ€“ take a look at how it happened, and share this great memory: [ Link ]

How President Obama Modeled National Support for the Freedom to Marry as 'Messenger-in-Chief'