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Today is the end of Obama’s errors.

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Donald Trump is officially the 45th President of the United States!

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LIVE NOW: Hear Andrew Wilkow Live with a big announcement.
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The Democrats know they are in trouble, but they probably don’t know just how deep the trouble is. The party’s problems are deep and systemic and there are no clear remedies. Read more: [ Link ]

The Democrat Party is Dazed and Confused
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DC is filled with corporate fat cats and K-street lobbyists who get special insider deals, while honest Americans like you get stuck with the bill.

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Sign the Petition: Drain the DC Swamp!
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Today is the day President Obama waves his final goodbye to the White House!

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The federal regulatory state is out of control. It's run amuck for years, destroying jobs and hurting our economy in its wake. Thankfully Congress is considering a bill to rein it in.

Read more about how Congress can rein in the regulatory state here: [ Link ]

The Federal Regulatory State Is Out of Control. Here’s One Way Congress Can Get Power Back
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Do you think Congress should have to live under the laws they pass like ObamaCare?

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Scott Pruitt has a proven, conservative record of protecting jobs and the environment. That's why Trump picked him to head his EPA. Conservatives should honor that and rally behind Pruitt.

Read more reasons why conservatives should support Pruitt's confirmation here: [ Link ]

Conservatives Must Rally Behind Scott Pruitt for EPA
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In just a few days we'll have a Republican President and a Republican controlled Congress. And thankfully they all want to repeal ObamaCare. But the question is, do you?

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Stand with Donald Trump and Repeal ObamaCare
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With only 18% of Americans approving of the job Congress is doing, why do the Democrats believe they need a pay raise?

Demand NO pay raises for Members of Congress now: [ Link ]

Demand NO Pay Raise for Congress
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With the imminent departure of Obama, who was addicted to growing the size and reach of the federal government, America now has the opportunity to reclaim the personal liberties and financial freedoms diminished by his liberal policies. Here's the 12-step Freedom Agenda for the new Congress: [ Link ]

The 12-step freedom agenda for the new Congress
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With only a few days left in the White House, do you think President Obama has been an absolute failure?

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For too long, the EPA has spent taxpayer dollars on an out-of-control anti-energy agenda that has destroyed millions of jobs. Scott Pruitt will work to restore the EPA to its original, lawful mission.

Tell your senators to rein in Obama's EPA and support Scott Pruitt right now: [ Link ]
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The confirmation hearing for Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general tapped to lead the EPA, begins later on this morning. Of all the agencies that need to be reined in, the EPA is one of the more urgent cases.

See why Pruitt is one of Trump’s best cabinet picks: [ Link ]

The Case for Scott Pruitt to Serve as EPA Head
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Last week, the Senate voted to begin the process of repealing ObamaCare through reconciliation. But what does that actually mean? What happens next? Does this fully repeal ObamaCare?

Find the answers to these questions and more here: [ Link ]

ObamaCare Repeal: What Happens Next?
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This is the last week of Obama's presidency. Thank goodness! And now that it's finally happening, FreedomWorks wants you to grade his presidency. Should he get a D? An F?

Let us know here: [ Link ]

Grade Obama's Presidency!
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For years these unaccountable, federal bureaucrats have had free reign to regulate everything in sight. This must stop. And Congress should use the REINS Act to do it.

Read more about it here: [ Link ]

Congress should use the REINS Act to combat the regulatory state
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