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Do you think Members of Congress should be exempt from the laws they pass like ObamaCare?

If you DON'T, let us know here: [ Link ]
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FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor Stephen Moore thinks that President Trump's proposed budget will definitely drain the DC swamp.

Read his full argument here: [ Link ]

Trump's Budget Drains The Swamp
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Help us fight back against the globalists at the UN.

Urge Congress to defund the UN today: [ Link ]

Take Action: Defund the United Nations Now!
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Steven Horwitz explains how political and legal institutions provide the framework within which all human behavior takes place.

Learn more here: [ Link ]

Sponsored by the allied educational foundation (
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Civil asset forfeiture is one of the biggest threats to your property rights to date. But thankfully Senator Rand Paul has recently re-introduced legislation to stop this unconstitutional scheme for good.

Read more about it here: [ Link ]

Civil asset forfeiture reform rears again — thank goodness
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Congress is a swamp of lies and corruption!

LIKE and SIGN the petition right now if you want to drain the DC swamp: [ Link ]
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Today is National Medal of Honor Day. Let's remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to this great country. More than 3,400 bestowed since 1861.
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Big win for the conservative movement yesterday! Did you miss our Day of Action last? That's okay. Check out Rep. Mark Meadows' speech at our event where over 1,000 activists, despite the frigid weather, showed up in Washington, DC to demand FULL repeal of ObamaCare!
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Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Democrats want you to give them a big, taxpayer funded pay raise. Do you think they deserve it?

No!? Then let us know here right now: [ Link ]

Demand NO Pay Raise for Congress
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This week Chuck Schumer and his liberal cronies in the Senate have vowed to filibuster President Trump's conservative Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. This is unacceptable.

Contact the Senate Democrats right now. Tell them to stop holding the Supreme Court hostage. Tell them to support Neil Gorsuch today: [ Link ]

Stop the Democrats from Holding the Supreme Court Hostage
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YOU DID IT! Because of your hard work and all of your support, RyanCare​ was pulled off the floor​ just minutes before the vote. But the fight isn't over! It's time to build on today's momentum and get true, patient​-centered health care reform onto the president’s desk.

​Special thanks to: Mark Meadows, Congressman Thomas Massie, Congressman Dave Brat, Congressman Warren Davidson, Justin...
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URGENT: There's only a few hours left before the vote! RyanCare doesn't repeal ObamaCare, it tweaks it! This is unacceptable.

Contact your congressman right now. Tell them to stop RyanCare and demand a FULL repeal of ObamaCare right this second: [ Link ]
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After two full days of rigorous interrogation, President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Judge Neal Gorsuch emerged relatively unscathed. However, Chuck Schumer's vowed to filibuster his confirmation.

Read more about Schumer's latest scheme here: [ Link ]

Schumer: Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch nomination
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"Share" if you agree with Senator Cruz that we must do everything possible to FULLY repeal ObamaCare once and for all!
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It's important that we get your input! Obama has left the White House, but his legacy left a path of failed policies behind him. Grade Obama's presidency here: [ Link ]
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GOP Leadership wants to vote on RyanCare TODAY. Please take 30 seconds and tell Congress to keep their campaign promises to FULLY repeal ObamaCare.

Tell your representative to stop RyanCare. Tell them to support the recently reintroduced 2015 repeal bill today: [ Link ]

URGENT: Demand FULL Repeal of ObamaCare Now!
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FreedomWorks, Senate Conservatives, Heritage Action for America, and Club for Growth / CFG Action say it best: If Republicans are going to try to repeal ObamaCare, they should go all the way! Otherwise, why even bother?

Read the latest from some of the top conservative organizations fighting RyanCare here: [ Link ]

Either Fully Repeal ObamaCare or Don't Even Start
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WATCH NOW: John Groen joins us this morning from the Pacific Legal Foundation to discuss the latest regarding the Murr Supreme Court case.