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Stylist and mother of three Ashley Bolling set to work on the hair of one of her customers, who happened to be a nurse. The client hadn’t slept all night and started dozing off in the salon chair. That’s when Ashley pulled out her phone and posted a photo of the nurse’s shoes online.

Nurse Falls Asleep In Salon Chair, Then Stylist Notices Her Shoes And Snaps A Secret Photo
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There was no doubt in Judge Caprio’s mind that this was the right decision. The man’s son had parked in front of a fire hydrant, but it was the father’s helmet that made the judge reach a verdict without asking a single question.

Judge Reaches Verdict In 40 Seconds After Man Shows Up To Court With Helmet On
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On Saturday, actor Bill Paxton died of complications following a major surgery. Now his friend and co-worker is revealing a private email he wrote that shows his optimism in the face of his own worry.

Bill Paxton Was Nervous About The Surgery That Led To His Death
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When Colleen and Chris Otcasek purchased a new house in Woodland Hills, California, they had no idea what they were really buying. Sure, they got the walk-in closets, the stupendously appointed ...

California Couple Inherits 50-Year-Old Secret Beneath Their New Home
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Thank God she did what she needed to do...

27 Behind-The-Scenes Modern Family Facts
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Heidi Hopley and her husband decided to have some drinks and enjoy a nice evening at home. While her husband went off to bed, Heidi went outside to smoke a cigarette. The next morning, she was dead. Her husband had no idea how--until he remembered what else they did that night.

He's Enjoying A Relaxing Night In With His Wife. After Some Drinks, He Goes To Bed. The Next Morning, He Finds His Wife--Not Breathing.
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The girl was just 12 years old when she started dating her 21-year-old boyfriend. Not only did her parents approve of the relationship, they were also thrilled when they found out they were going to be grandparents.

After Parents Allow Their 12-Year-Old Daughter To Date A Grown Man, She Gets Pregnant. Instead Of Calling The Police, They Give Their Blessing
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A security guard was working his shift at the Waffle House when he noticed a man sitting at a table with a little boy. The boy was shivering and the man looked completely distraught. The security guard told his boss he needed to take a quick break, then ushered the man and boy out of the restaurant... but no one could believe what he did next.

Security Guard At Waffle House Notices Sobbing Man With Boy, Puts Them In His Car And Drives Off
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I can't imagine John Travolta as Forrest Gump...

50 Facts about Forrest Gump That Momma Didn't Tell You.
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Are you brave enough to stay at the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada? The Internet has dubbed it "America's scariest motel," but you can see for yourself.

This Creepy Clown Motel Has Been Named America's Scariest Motel
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This little boy did something that touched the lives of millions around the world.

7-year-old asks doctors to let him die so he can donate his kidney to his dying mother
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Before meeting her husband, Cheryl Prudham had 6 children by two different men. Then she had 6 more. But even after the pair split, Cheryl decided that she still wanted another baby. Now that she has a new boyfriend and a baby on the way, Cheryl says she still does not feel bad about receiving nearly $50,000 a year in government benefits to pay for all her children.

Mom Who Had 12 Children Without A Job Announces Another Pregnancy
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She melted the audience's hearts with her moves and talent.

3-year-old skates onto the ice, paralyzes crowd with her astonishing skill
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Jeff Dudan is CEO of a cleanup company. He went on "Undercover Boss" to find out what his employees are really like. Jeff met an Afghanistan veteran named Kyle who revealed a heartbreaking secret to him. When Jeff told Kyle his real identity, the veteran was shocked. Then came the unbelievable surprise. Most bosses would never do this.

Undercover Boss Discovers Worker Is A Vet, Then Sits Down To Reveal His Identity
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Lisa's aircraft had just landed, but everyone was asked to remain seated so a woman could deplane alone. From her window seat, Lisa could see the woman walk up to a coffin sitting on the tarmac. What she recorded from inside the plane shook her to the core.

Blonde Woman Is Escorted Off Plane, Approaches Coffin Without Realizing She’s Being Filmed
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The best things in life aren't always material objects. They're acts of kindness!

Woman visits tattoo shop every week - Artist always gives her temporary tattoo design
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If you want to clean your oven pans then you need to stop looking for kitchen objects to do the work. The secret actually lives in your laundry room. Who knew?

Simple Method Makes Even The Dirtiest Pans Look Brand New With Barely Any Work [video]
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Christie and Dave Cason had 16 other children together, nine boys and seven girls. The couple from Lake Elsinore, California had no problem conceiving naturally. But in 2013, just five months after the birth of her youngest son, Christie left the entire medical community stunned...

Couple Has 17 Kids, But When Mom Goes For Next Ultrasound, Doctors Are Completely Shocked