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This has saved me so many times. You should know this in case of an emergency:

Here’s The Reason He Snapped A Fork In Half And Jammed It Into His Front Door’s Lock
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Zapporah Sutton completely lost it earlier this week when she tossed her 2-month-old baby into a wooded area. Family members immediately called police once they realized what was going on. But things took a turn for the worse the moment investigators tried to talk to the enraged mom.

Mom Tosses 2-Month-Old Baby Into The Woods, Then Says Something Unthinkable To Her Family
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Claire woke in the middle of the night in severe pain. Her abdomen was throbbing and contracting. She was bleeding and thought she was going to die that night. Then she realized what was really happening to her body...

Mom With Multiple Sclerosis Wakes Up To Use The Bathroom, Seconds Later A Miracle [video]
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When you're trying not to wake the baby... every parent can relate!

Husband Catches Wife Crawling Away From Baby, But The Footage Has Him In Absolute Hysterics.
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When police finally got into the home of a recluse suspected of murdering at least one innocent boy, they entered a house of horrors that made the veteran cops sick to their stomachs.

Cops Finally Obtain Search Warrant For His House. It’s Worse Than They Could Ever Fathom
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This little girl's mom had just bought her a wig to boost her self-esteem at school, when a teacher forced her to take it off. She was humiliated. The mom tried to explain that her daughter had alopecia, but they didn't care. Instead, they told the mom the most disturbing thing she ever could have imagined.

Mom Buys Girl With Alopecia A Wig To Boost Her Self-Esteem. Then Teacher Tells Her To Take It Off. The Reason Why? Their Dress Code
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When they pulled up to the window and ordered their hot coffees, the employee couldn’t believe the sight. The worst part is what their kids have to say about the whole ordeal.

He Was About To Serve Parents Their Coffee When He Saw It Sticking Out Of Their Arms, Dials 911
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When Jace's mother came home on Wednesday to find that her son was not there, she immediately reported the 9-year-old missing. For the next two days, authorities and volunteers scoured the entire area looking for Jace. Then, they were thrown for the biggest loop of their lives.

Two Days After Boy Goes Missing, Neighbors Hear A Strange Noise Near Their Basement. When They Call His Name, They're Stunned By What Happens Next
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Mother-of-three Karine Gagne was on a cruise bound for the Bahamas, when she met a young man at the bar. After a bit of flirting, they went to the bathroom together to be alone. The moment the boy's mom saw what was going on, she called the police.

While Enjoying Cruise, Mom Watches Her 15-Year-Old Son Head To The Bathroom — With A Grown Woman. That's When She Calls The Police
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When one 33-year-old mom went in for a routine ultrasound, she didn’t think much of it, as this was her sixth child. But, as the doctor was going through the motions of detecting all the body parts and organs in the baby, he noticed something very unusual

One Look At Her Ultrasound And Doctors Know They’ve Captured Very Rare Occurrence [photo]
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He insisted that he was simply born that way. But as more and more people asked about his abnormal size, he finally admitted how he got it to be this length. You'll cringe when you find out.

The Man With The World's Longest Penis Is Begging To Receive A World Record Title.
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Rural Pennsylvania is full of small towns. Over the years, many have gone the way of the dodo, left abandoned by economic hardship or in some unique cases, by ever-burning underground fires. But all…

Inside an Abandoned Town Nobody Dares To Venture Into
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When the mom noticed what her 3-year-old daughter did while she was driving, she swerved to the side of the road and called the police on her toddler.

She Calls The Cops On Her Own 3 Year Old When She Sees What Her Toddler Has Done In The Backseat Of Her Car
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After a long day of job searching, Damien drove home and spotted a baby sitting in a car seat outside on a chilly night. He screamed for help for 20 minutes, but the baby's parents never came outside. That's when he realized it--and chills went up his spine.

He Spots A Lone Car Seat Outside On A Chilly Night, So He Starts Screaming For Help. That's When He Makes A Terrifying Realization