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Not feeling your usual productive self after the holidays? Get back in the zone now!

How to Regain Your Motivation to Work After the Holidays
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Have you dreamed about starting your own business?
Get started now: #GetItDone
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Looking for top talent for your Web development project this year? #GetItDone

How to Hire the Perfect Freelance Web Developer
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From creating a design brief to posting a project that attracts the designer, here's how you hire the best. #GetItDone

How to Hire the Freelance Graphic Designer of Your Dreams
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It’s another year to get a headstart on your goals! What do you want to achieve this year? #GetItDone
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Earn more in your side hustle with these tips!

Smart Ways to Achieve Your Profit Goals This Year
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A new year means a fresh start and the chance to launch into something new. So here is a list of ideas that will kickstart your growth in 2017.

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We know you love working at home! Here are apps to help you make the best out of your career this year.

Apps That Will Improve Your Home Office Productivity
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Start the year right by sticking to your New Year's resolutions. #GetItDone

Freelancing Tips That Will Make You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions
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As a new dad, Diego had his hands full with responsibilities. Working at Freelancer made it possible for him to be a hands-on father and a successful freelance graphic designer at the same time.

Full-Time Father Embraces Another Full-Time Role
Freelancers, want to get awarded more projects? Making an Expert Guarantee when you place your bid will increase your chances. Learn more by reading this article.

Introducing Expert Guarantees
What to look for and questions to ask before hiring a social media strategist #GetItDone

How to Hire a Social Media Strategist
All the reasons why you should crowdsource and how it can help your business thrive in 2017 #GetItDone

How Crowdsourcing Can Help You Ace Your Marketing
Retro's back in! Did you miss this trend?

8 Bit Art: What is It & How Can You Use It?
An eco-conscious entrepreneur crowdsourced ideas for the interior and exterior design of the Gaia Center, a green school project in Tahiti.

3D Models for Eco-School in Tahiti, Designed by a Freelancer
Basic techniques to help you paint like a pro

Watercolor Techniques Every Artist Needs
Turning your idea into reality is just a click away with Freelancer. Take inspiration from some of Freelancer’s most successful entrepreneurs who made their business rise to the top. #GetItDone
Cliché? Not quite! Learn the principles of composition to make your digital art as phenomenal as the classics.

Principles of Art: Composition In Art