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Freida Pinto
12/07/2016 at 00:29. Facebook
It's a wrap on #bofvoices...Beauty Sleep time says @drnigmatalib ... Thank you @desmondanddempsey for our ultra cute jammies. @sohofarmhouse
Freida Pinto
12/03/2016 at 05:59. Facebook
@anamikakhanna @amrapalijewels ...can't ever get enough of them!!
Freida Pinto
12/02/2016 at 16:36. Facebook
Bombay girls doing it right in beautiful grey England #voices #bof
"let me tell you a story..."

"...On a mountain, lived a tiger and a deer. They lived peacefully with each other and didn't get in each other's way...."


"But it's always better to be the tiger."
Shedding away an interesting 2016 because God alone knows 2017 is going to be even more interesting. #GetThatAGameon
I’m excited to be part of a fantastic panel discussion at the Womenwill /today conference exploring the influence of media and culture on gender equality. Join in the conversation and ask your questions using #AgentofChange Global Citizen India Global Citizen Google
So proud to be an AP woman. Thank you for the love and respect.
Jet-set life fuelled by excitement and some unusual amounts of Advil...Next stop- Florence to celebrate 40 years of my favourite Royal Oak by @audemarspiguet. Can't wait to see you teamAP. Xx
@asthanarangofficial #ananda16
Best set visitor ever!! Her little life left us smiling for hours..Thank you little Rumi:-)
Boom!! Team Guerrilla is here #mipcom2016 #Guerrilla
Dress Code - BLACK #Guerrilla #jas&marcus #mipcom2016
Feeling that 70s vibe. #mipcom2016 #Guerrilla
In the end, we need two things to lead a balanced life - a sense of the world and a sense of ourselves; it's like breathing in and breathing out. And if you can only get to know the world by stepping out, and losing yourself in experience, you can only get to know the self by stepping back, and finding yourself in contemplation. One without the other leads to a kind of madness. - pico iyer
This girl #amandasicelorette
This girl #amandasicelorette
We did it!!!!! #amandasicelorette
Iceland bunnies #amandasicelorette
#tbt to a fabulous Burberry show in this pre- show meditative space. #ilovelondon #burberry
Its happening!!!Learn more on why its FREE at globalcitizen.org #lovedonthate