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Just how far off are those promotional photos that restaurants use? Well, if these pics are any indication, pretty far...

These 10 Photos Show Why You Can't Trust Food Advertisements
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When the 3rd Brigade Combat Team got home from Kuwait, one little girl couldn't wait for military protocol to hug her daddy.

When This Little Girl Broke "Military Rules" To Run Into Her Father’s Arms I Cried
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Life after hip-hop success is Silicon Valley success for this rapper.

Remember Rapper Chamillionaire? Well You Won’t BELIEVE How Much He’s Worth NOW!
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A recent government report has cleared eggs as part of a healthy diet.

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 3 Whole Eggs Every Day
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Have you heard the term "feeding frenzy?" This is what that means.

Man Tosses 23 Buckets Of Fish Food Into The Water. Keep Your Eyes On The Center
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If you pay close attention to your favorite movies, you'll see Easter eggs, mistakes, and nods to other franchises. Here are a few of our favorites.

8 Weird Things We Spotted In The Backgrounds Of Movies
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In some ways, the guys and girls are completely identical. In other ways...not so much.

Girls vs. Guys: 15 True Differences
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Get your mind out of the gutter, these photos are perfectly innocent.

7 Innocent Photos That Somehow Manage To Be Hilariously Rude
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These strange and unexplainable photos could've only come from Russia.

These 7 Snaps From Russia Are So Nasty They’ll Blow Your Mind
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A short film based on true events shows the terrifying dangers of webcams.

This Girl Accidentally Left Her Web Cam On, But She Wasn't Ready For What Happens Next...
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This is the creepiest footage we've ever seen. This is a little too magical for our kingdom, thanks.

Disneyland Surveillance Camera Keeps Filming When The Park Closes, Captures Creepy Activity
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This actually tells you a lot about a partner (or potential partner). Here's what to know.

How Someone Hugs Can Mean A Lot Of Different Things
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The healthiest thing you can do for yourself is to quit smoking now. Here's a timeline of how your body gets back to normal after kicking the habit.

This Is What Happens 20 Minutes After You Quit Smoking: A Timeline of How Your Body Heals