As a campaigning organisation, the marches around the world on Saturday have inspired us and given us hope.

Did you take part? We’d love you to share your images and experiences below.
Love bees? These wildflower seeds from our friends at Wildflower Favours are great for weddings and parties.

The bees will love them and for every packet sold, some money will go to the Bee Cause.

Tag someone who is planning a wedding or party!

Friends of the Earth Bee Cause wedding favours
We chuck out 7m tonnes of food a year from our homes, half of which is still edible.

We want to halve food waste. Join us >>>

Campaigners call on EU to halve food waste by 2030
For everyone marching today. #WomensMarch ✊✊✊✊✊
A reminder that, despite the turbulence and uncertainty, we live on a breathtakingly beautiful planet. Happy Friday. ✨
We won't let one man wreck decades of work to stop climate change.

Join us in the fight.

Trump vs the Climate: Which side are you on?
2016 was the hottest year on record. This is not a drill.
Fasten your seat belts. Tomorrow Donald Trump will become President. But what does that mean for the environment?

Trump is President. Now what for the environment?
It's not *all* bad: a transition from carbon to solar and wind power looks practical and affordable within a generation. β˜€

Reasons to be cheerful: a full switch to low-carbon energy is in sight
As Trump becomes US President tomorrow, events up and down the country are calling for peace and unity over hatred and oppression.

Find an event near you. Call for #BridgesNotWalls.

Bridges not Walls
This young bruin can bear-ly contain her curiosity.
This naughty baby elephant will get you through Wednesday!
Just days before his inauguration, we look at Donald Trump's policies on climate change and the environment.

What is Donald Trump's position on the environment?
100 researchers and climate scientists have warned her of the potential threats posed by Donald Trump.

Leading scientists urge May to pressure Trump over climate change
Something to brighten up #BlueMonday!

Here's the Dutch Railways President riding a windmill to celebrate 100% of trains in the Netherlands being wind-powered!
Incredible footage offering a glimpse of how langurs behave.
Because we'll never get bored of this joyful deer. Happy weekend!
We've hit 50,000 signatures! Thank you.

There's still time to sign & save Sherwood Forest > [ Link ]