Today, people from across the UK joined the local communities who are fighting Cuadrilla's ongoing pursuit of fracking in Lancashire.

It's more important now than ever that we send a strong message to the fracking industry. No fracking ever, anywhere - full stop.

Thanks to everyone who has supported in person or online.
The inspirational people on the front line against fracking. Join Lancashire and say no to fracking.

Please share this video or join us tomorrow at the national anti-fracking rally (details below). #DontFrackLancs #WeSaidNo
"Despite the government knowing fossil fuels contribute to global warming, they are prepared to launch a brand new fossil fuel industry. This has national and global implications."

Share to support anti-fracking protesters in Lancashire. #DontFrackLancs #WeSaidNo
Heartbreaking. The last stand of Standing Rock? #noDAPL
Cuadrilla is getting ready to frack in Lancashire. The roads for its trucks are built and it’s preparing to set up a drill.

BUT it hasn't carried out the full 12 months of groundwater monitoring that is now required by new laws.

We don’t want to see fracking, full stop. Please ask the Environment Agency to insist that Cuadrilla does not start drilling.

Stop Cuadrilla from breaking the rules on fracking
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is considering banning diesel vehicles on the worst pollution days.

Fight air pollution and ditch diesel today:

Sadiq Khan warns diesel cars could be banned to tackle London's "toxic air"
His proposed policies would cause incalculable damage to our planet.

That (and many other reasons) is why we oppose a state visit and are part of today's nationwide #StopTrump protests.

Why we oppose a state visit by Donald Trump to Britain
Would you want a plate full of sea lice? You might not have a choice. ????

Scottish salmon farming's sea lice 'crisis'
Why not start the weekend by watching this hedgehog having a bath?
Just a bee high-fiving (or hitting?) someone...
Despite evidence such schemes can increase recycling rates :(

Plastic bottle 'tax' unlikely as Government rejects deposit scheme proposal