There is something called positive vibes. These vibes can make you achieve whatever you want in your life.

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Leave your kettle bells, spin bike and ballet shoes as there is new trend running in the fitness market now.

Fitness Feed: Get Ready To Crawl!
Going Gym for the first time is very much scary in itself. You have to face ripped dudes, super meaty guys and the girls with curves, abs and even biceps.

Going Gym For The First Time? Receive These Tips To Make It Less Intimidating!
Have a glance and follow the same if they fit in your schedule.

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Storybook Cosmetics has confirmed that in the coming weeks the pallete would be available.

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Make up tips-Let's have a glance over what to use and what to avoid in winters.

Top Foundation Picks For Coming Winter According To Celebrity Make Up Artists
A new study suggests that social status alone has a big affect on your wellness.

How Rising In Status Can Help You Lead A Healthy Life?
Well! Women, there is nothing different you have to eat but there is an effective lifestyle you have to follow in order to remain healthy.

Women Health Special: What To Eat, Think And Do?
Here are some ways you can inspire your creativity efficiently. Have a glance-

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I agree upon every single drawback for optimal servings. Let's discuss some of the benefits of fats.

Ever-Blamed Fats Have These Positive Impacts On Your Body
Do not take medication to loose or gain pounds. Choose a way to maintain good mental and physical health for long term. Here are the ways

5 Simple Steps To Take Today For A Healthy Living -
We don’t even have idea of how much our time gets passed thinking about same that leads us to nowhere. Here are few ways to get rid of these thoughts.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Thoughts?
A consumer psychologist told that everything in a beauty retail environment especially makeup stores is engineered for one purpose; to get you to spend.

Look How Do Beauty Stores Make You Spend According To Psychologists
It includes baby lips crayons, mascara, kajal, liner, and many more things. Are you excited to know about the launches? Here is the information.

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Fitness goals are easy to set but you face alot of difficulties in accomplishing them. Here are few things that distract all of us.

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Hairstyling tips- These are few hacks that can give you a good look and simultaneously save your time.

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Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight has experienced a weight loss plateau.

What Causes A Weight-Loss Plateau?
Drinking too much of green tea boosts your metabolism and makes you capable of protecting yourself from cold. See more benefits here.

Drinking Green Tea Aids Weight Loss While Too Much Of It Has These Surprising Benefits
Some seasonal fruits beneficial for skin, hair teeth, and nails are categorized here.

Health And Beauty Benefits Of Seasonal Fruits