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Life can get hectic with work and the kids, but I seriously treasure my friends and it's a priority of mine to work on those relationships ❤ wearing Latte Blonde 160grams extensions from
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Soft Romantic Ponytail | Frontrow hair

This easy hairstyle is trending at the moment. Only used one 20inch quad weft to achieve it. .
220g Blonde Ombré FrontRow extensions from
120g Brown Black FrontRow extensions from R1590
Umbrellas out! Coats on! Have an incredibly good week! hair extensions from
Beautiful FrontRow extensions addict Morgan wearing her Bleach Blonde extensions which she coloured this beautiful Ashy colour. Hair extensions from
One of my four biggest blessings Love these trouble makers
Life is too short for boring hair! I can't live without my extensions! 120g + 1 quad weft
Before / straight / curly - 160g FrontRow extensions in Dark Brown from
How FrontRow girls look at the coffee machine! Love this girl - my Nazzy wears Jet Black FrontRow extensions ❤❤
Change up your hair colour with a set of FrontRow extensions- Chestnut Ombré used in this pic! Hair extensions from
Heart Bun Hair Tutorial - Perfect for Valentines Day :) Hair extensions from
Working on a Valentine's Day hair tutorial, I coloured my Latte Blonde extensions this colour. Hair extensions from
Yes please I want long hair :) Platinum blonde 120g extensions from
Beautiful transformation :) Platinum Blonde 160g FrontRow extensions from
What did you do at work today! I dyed my hair and extensions purple! Loving it! Hair extensions from
Wearing Latte Blonde in 120g again today hair extensions from