Gorgeous transformation- Latte Blonde extensions in Ombré hair #hairextensions
When he only gives you 15minutes to get ready and your hair is like let your hair speak for you
New look with 160g Brown Black FrontRow extensions from
Hair transformation :) chestnut ombré 2 x 60g quad wefts from
Special moments - Kelly a client of mine for a few years asked to come in for extensions. She said she had a pixie cut after chemotherapy and Before we tried I said I am so sorry, but I don't think it will work. Well she proved me wrong and look at the picture! We clipped the extensions very high up and used a 160g set and a fringe. Tears filled my eyes #hair #beautifulhair #longhairdontcare...
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Naughty and nice are my things, I'm good at them both 220g Latte Blonde extensions styled using the Veaudry Colossal styler - all available at
Mommys Babuschka - forever grateful for my 4 precious children Wearing a Latte Blonde 160g set and a Sandy Blonde 60g quad weft from
Hair of the day - 3 pieces from 160g Latte Blonde extensions from
2 Sandy Blonde wefts from
Forever Young - Hair of the day - tutorial coming soon! Figured out he best way to clip in my extensions with these braids! Shop online at
When my friends come to visit and play on their phones for too long her hair got pimped hair extensions from
We love this!! Tight crazy curls blonde ombré from
2 x Latte Blonde quad wefts hair extensions from
The change you need is here - Feel beautiful today with a set of our top quality hair extensions!
This gorgeous girl is now even gorgeouserer (Gaw Jus Sa Ra Ra)❤ 120g Chestnut Ombré from
Hair of the day - desperately need to go for my lash extensions, so wearing sunglasses hehe have a good day! One quad weft in Sandy Blonde from
Can I get an amen
Using only one Sandy Blonde quad weft today R890 hair extensions from
Single FR Girls - Represent! <3 Long hair from
Enjoy your first day back at work FR girls! Are you ready?