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Truffles isn't the only one who's found a lucky four-leaf clover - you can be too! Have you found the secret clover gift in Fruit Ninja yet? Tell us in the comments!
It's your lucky day in our St Patrick's Day event! Drag clovers into the bag of charms, then exchange them for the new Shamrock blade and more. Play it now in Fruit Ninja! [ Link ]
See the new Shamrock Blade in action in the trailer for our St Patrick's Day update! Download now: [ Link ]
Happy St Patrick's Day! A new event and blade are now available in Fruit Ninja's clover-filled update! May the luck of the Irish be with you! PS: Can you find the lucky secret gift hidden in the game? [ Link ]
The Valentine's Day event ends on the 14th of March - remember to exchange your heart tokens for blades, dojos, Golden Apples or Starfruit! This handy guide will show you how.
Love is not over! You've got a few more days to score the Static Electric Love Dojo as your prize for filling the Valentine's Day progress bar! [ Link ]
Loving the Valentine's Day event? Learn how to earn Golden Apples and play even more!
Feel the power of love ♥ Rub the heart in the Static Electric Love Dojo to build it up for a massive combo! Get it in the new update to Fruit Ninja Free: [ Link ]
Chocolate-covered strawberries are the ultimate romantic sweet treat! What's your favourite type of candy?
Unlock the bond of a two-fruit combo with the Bonded Roses Blade! Yours to earn in the new update to Fruit Ninja Free: [ Link ]
Capture the hearts that appear from sliced fruit and put them towards earning the Static Electric Love Dojo! Now in Fruit Ninja Free's Valentine's Day update: [ Link ]
Valentine's Day might be over, but there's still plenty to love in Fruit Ninja Free's new update. Watch the trailer to find out what!
So excited to announce that we have a YouTube Red Original series coming out later this year on @YouTube and YouTube Kids. Get ready for Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force!

[ Link ]
All you need is love… and Fruit Ninja Free's new update! Unlock a new blade and dojo and capture hearts in the lovely new event! [ Link ]
The Christmas/Chinese New Year event is ending soon - remember to exchange your presents for Gold Apples or Starfruit! Follow the steps below to do so:
1. Enter 'Event' mode.
2. Enter the Event Store (the house in the middle marked 'Store').
3. Scroll sideways to either the item called 'Convert to Gold Apples' or 'Convert to Starfruit' and purchase the one you want!
Last chance to win the Zodiac dojo in Fruit Ninja Free! [ Link ]