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This #MeatFreeMonday recipe is healthy, tasty and perfect for the kids' lunchboxes!

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Happy Birthday to our rockstar International Marketing Director, Tammy Fry Kelly!
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Struggling to come up with great school lunch options?

We have a few tips for you and a number of meat-free meals that are easy to make, for all ages.

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Need inspiration for the kids' lunches?

We've got you covered!

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“There are many ways to make plants nutritious, as well as fun and exciting for even the pickiest of eaters.”

We can help you get your picky eaters eating healthier.

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Make the ultimate Vegetable Curry Potjie with our Spicy Curry Pieces.

Get this recipe and loads more in the Fry's #PlantsOnFire cookbook here - [ Link ]
Running out of ideas for the kids' lunches?

This #MeatFreeMonday recipe will brighten up any kid's lunchbox.

Get the recipe here - [ Link ]
“A well-planned and balanced vegan diet can provide many health benefits in the prevention and treatment of a multitude of diseases including diabetes, some cancers and heart disease.”

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Congratulations to Nicolette Nunes for winning our Veganuary Competition!
Who’s ready to braai?
Try this recipe plus loads more from our #PlantsOnFire Cookbook.
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The kids are back at school!

But don't stress because this #MeatFreeMonday recipe is perfect for school lunches.

Get the recipe here - [ Link ]
Who said that too many cooks spoil the broth?

Getting your kids involved in preparing their school lunches can be an educational and fun family experience!

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Got beef with water restrictions? Find out how you can do your bit to save water in the link below!

Meat the Cause of the Drought
We are very sad to announce that we have temporarily discontinued our Artisan Dairy Free Ice Cream in South Africa.

We're so sorry for the inconvenience and we hope that you can understand our decision. For a full explanation from our Marketing Director, Tammy Fry Kelly, please click here - [ Link ]
Boerie rolls are fantastic for the kids' lunch boxes and our meat free spin on this classic makes them even better!

Get the recipe here - [ Link ]
"Isn’t it impossible to be vegan as animal products are in everything?"

Vegan food is easier to find than you might think!

Find out our full response to this myth and 9 others here - [ Link ]
Are you taking on the Veganuary challenge?

Find out which restaurants stock Fry's here - [ Link ]

#Veganuary #Veganuary2017
Is soy unhealthy?

Find out the answer to this myth and more here - [ Link ]