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Anyone up for a DIY project this weekend? Check this out.........#diy
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Check out this week's fun cats, all from this Facebook community!

Cattitude To The Max: Fun Cats of the Week - Fully Feline

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What do you think of my new trick?
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Happy Cuddly Kitten Day!
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Do you live with an adventure cat that likes to travel with you? Our friends Kitty Cat Chronicles have some great catcentric suggestions for sites to check out with your feline friends

Best Cities for Cat Lovers & Adventure Cats: New York City - Kitty Cat Chronicles

Although we all love cats, there is a limit to the number we can adequately take care of, what is that number for you?

How Many Cats Are Too Many? - Fully Feline

I'd have that cat on my team anytime!
He takes pretty good selfies, I gotta admit!

This Cat Is The King Of Selfies

Helping pets in need doesn't get easier. From now through the end o the year, when you buy a bag of pet food at PetSmart, they will give a meal to a pet in need #fortheloveofpets #ad

Buy A Bag, Give A Meal™ Program To Help Pets In Need - Fully Feline

I ask this question often!
Jethro Bodine celebrated a little too much yesterday, so it's a slow start to his #Caturday! Thanks to Jodi Wilson for sharing!
No spring break craziness for this kitty, on the other hand her friend is having a good time......