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Throw back to my mum and me 33 years ago! Thanks for inspiring me and always encouraging me to dream! Happy Mother's Day @lizcole99 ❤
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Life is just one big journey!
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I can't wait for all the road trip adventures we'll have in this bad boy! Who should I bring and where should we go?
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First time I've launched a Kickstarter. We are making a feature length Movie circumnavigating the globe in a tiny plane. We will be celebrating the diversity and beauty of our planet and its people. Be a part of the adventure and support our campaign!

Beyond Borders - A Film Celebrating Unity
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03/22/2017 at 19:40. Facebook
Since our flight across Namibia we have been dreaming of flying all the way around world! So we are excited to announce our kickstarter campaign to fund a feature length movie celebrating diversity around the world! Link in bio!
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Exploring the vibrant city of San Miguel de Allende
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There's a pretty good view of the open road from the roof of our bus!
The colours of Mexico! ❤
Meet the latest edition to the @livetheadventure fleet! Follow our road trip adventures across mexico! Please comment name suggestions for the bus...
Capturing the beauty of Mexico!

: @samevanslife
Throwing it back to these beautiful views from our aerial adventures with #staysunny #ad
Had an epic time in Utah with Land Rover this is from the back of my room at the desert hotel we stayed in! #Discovery #ad
This has been high up on my bucket list for a long time! horseshoe bend is incredible. Thanks to Land Rover for the adventures! #Discovery #ad
Epic Heli views over Utah!
Good to be back on the adventures with @samevanslife #legend #gofollow
Wishing I was back in this hot air balloon floating over the desert in Dubai. From up here the sand looked like water ripples. @visitdubai #staysunny #ad
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I'm talking at @thephotographyshow with @sony 18th March. Tickets linked in my bio use discount code LOUTPS17