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One of the tracks from my new EP, released this Monday on Beatport - get it at [ Choons.at Link ] #Atychiphobia
12/05/2016 at 10:58. Facebook
My new EP "Atychiphobia / Roman A Clef" is out on Beatport today via Black Hole Recordings's Avanti imprint. Grab it on [ Choons.at Link ]
12/01/2016 at 11:44. Facebook
"And the home of the... JETS!"
If you're looking for help with producing, mixing, mastering or writing, drop me an email or a DM to take advantage of my cyber Monday week prices on lessons + other services.
My new EP is out Dec 5th on Black Hole's #Avanti offshoot. Check out a little bit about myself here:

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Attention UK DJ/Producer types!
So, let me just say it all out loud, just so I can get it clear in my head...

Martin Luther King inspired us all with his messages of equality.

Gandhi sat while he was beaten by English soldiers to stand up for the rights of his fellow countrymen.

Nelson Mandela languished in an African prison to protest the rights of his people.

Pretty much the whole world fought Hitler because of his...
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I thought Trump winning was pretty much the end of the line for human kind... and then I found this.
So happy to have the 8raw8 hooked up here in Brooklyn.
Rest in Hedonistic Excess David Mancuso...