Funny English Errors
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This chair will massacre you from head to toe! For a very short lifetime...

(Thanks Theerapat for the pic.)
Funny English Errors
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From the Mindanao News. "MILF" must mean something different there.

(Source: The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said. More than 4 million copies of this calendar have been sold! Now at half price: [ Link ]
Funny English Errors
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This is from a restaurant in NSW, Australia. Dick fat? I'm on my way! (Follow us on Instagram for more at [ Link ]
Funny English Errors
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We think they mean *pheasants*.

(Thanks Lyndon for the pic.)
Funny English Errors
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The way I cook, the result often looks a bit like this...

(Thanks Lyndon for the pic.)
Men are too chewy, apparently.

(I found this funny headline in an hilarious calendar called "The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said". It makes a great gift: [ Link ]
There's so much wrong with this picture.

(We believe they mean 'handicraft').

Thanks Merve for the pic.
The word "flick" is an informal word for a cinema film. Spacing between the "l" and the "i" can be crucial, as this pic from Arun shows...

WARNING: For Mature Audiences
We're here for you... for 1 hour a week

(I found this funny English error from the 2017 calendar, "The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said". Check it out here: [ Link ]
Now with added mucus! Mmm... mucus!

Thanks Greg for the pic!
Given the number of major celebrity deaths in 2016, it's little wonder this funeral home has high expectations for 2017...


(Source: [ Link ]. I got this calendar for Christmas! It provides hundreds of funny English errors!)
It's always in the last place you think to look! (Thanks Jerry for the pic.) #funny #funnyheadline #obvious #funnyenglisherrors #mediawatch #headline #breakingnews
And the funniest English error of 2016 goes to... this very generous offer (sent to us by RK and Ramesh)

Thanks for counting down with us! And see you in 2017!

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And the second funniest English (or is it maths?) error of 2016 is this gem of an answer from a school kid trying to salvage a maths exam... Nice try!

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Statement from author Troy Simpson:

Today, I had the privilege of donating to my suburb's local primary school a cheque for $1,000 and a copy of my book "Funny English Errors and Insights: Illustrated" (or "Funny English", for short).

The school principal says the school will put the money toward purchasing more books for the school's vibrant library, which has pleased the school's...
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And the 3rd funniest English error of 2016 is actually not a funny error, but a funny piece of satire...

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It fourth place in our Top 10 countdown of 2016's funniest English errors, we have this cute answer... Sometimes, I know how these cells feel...

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We are now into our Top 5 funniest English errors for 2016, as determined by YOU.

At number 5, it's not so much an error as a deliberate commentary on the Chinese economic powerhouse. But people evidently enjoyed it all the same.

Thanks Allan who contributed this pic.

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You decided that this sign was the 6th funniest English error of 2016. The punishment does seem rather harsh...

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In 7th place in our Top 10 countdown of most popular posts for 2016, is this piece of washing advice. Sue sent us this photo. Sue actually sent us 2 of the 10 most popular posts. Thanks Sue!

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