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Funny English Errors
12/02/2016 at 01:12. Facebook
Andrew Sachs, the actor who played Manuel in the classic comedy series "Fawlty Towers", has died aged 86.

Manuel — the doe-eyed, well-meaning man servant to the often mean and insulting Basil Fawlty — gave us so many laughs because of his limited grasp of English.

We extend our love and thoughts to Andrew's family and pay tribute to Manuel in this compilation of some of the funniest English...
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Funny English Errors: Fawlty Towers' Top 10 Funniest Miscommunications

A lot of the humour in the British cult comedy series Fawlty Towers depends on miscommunications. For example, Manuel sometimes misunderstands the meaning of...

From an Australian newspaper, 2011.
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Courtesy The Oatmeal
Well, I don't see any men in there.
As long as you don't forget your hard hat's... something.
You have got to respect their effort!
That's why pencils have erasers. Oh, wait...
Error, or not an error?
It's very difficult to beat the moose, but in the long run, it's much healthier.
Surely less caution would be required...
Remember, punctuation is important! :O
The illustration on the sign makes me wonder whether this is an error or not...
*You're #irony
Personally, I wouldn't go anywhere near Fanny's.

(Thanks Clare for the post.)
Yep, this kid is stuffed all right.

(Thanks Leonardo for the pic.)
A soccer match against whales? That blows!

(Thanks Kirsten, who took this pic in Crete.)
Get in quick while they're going cheap!

(Thanks Greg for the pic.)
Anyone want their hole sealed?

(Credit: Arun)
More for mothers-in-law than for mothers?

(Thanks Wendy for the pic.)
Did someone ask last post for a second helping?

(Thanks Vanessa for the pic.)