A little known fact...
Come and meet our adoptable dachshunds looking for their furever homes...

Adoption Event

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Meet Odie (left) and Titan! Both are available for adoption and will be at our monthly Meet & Greet at the Healthy Pet Center, Latham, NY this Saturday from 11-1pm!
LOST DOG !!! SACRAMENTO, Arden Fair area. Missing a few hours from now (March 18th, 6pm).

Wearing a purple collar with pink flower, microchipped, and has tags!

Her name is Nilla, she is generally friendly and should not be an issue to attempt to corral. Please contact us through private message if you've seen her!
This was too funny not to share but now we need a caption!
Oh happy day! Look at Cash with his new bestie, Enzo! Cash is lovin' the sofa in his new furever home!
Little miss thaaaaang is protecting this house!!!!
Well Reese made it through her first day at work which consisted of sleeping, sleeping, maybe a little exploring and then more sleeping. And her mommy works from home so I don't think Reese could have it any better!
Guess who's with her wonderful new family? Reese is! Thank you Chris and Gina McMahon for never giving up hope and opening your hearts to little Reese. ~Laura
Guess who's in the truck and heading to her furever home? Reese Is! Yay!
We have fantastic news to share with you! Reese has made it out of oxygen and she is now in a regular cage. She no longer needs oxygen to breathe easily and her bloodwork is back to normal. She has been taken off IV medications and fluids and is now taking her medication orally. Reese was going so well that I got to visit her this afternoon and she was ready to leave. Unfortunately for her she...
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Reese all better

Update on Reese! She came out of anesthesia and is back in her oxygen chamber and recovering well. Blood clots have been ruled out now but it looks like severe pneumonia. There were complications prior to her procedure; Reese started vomiting blood but after they ruled out clots they took her off the anticoagulants and blood thinners and she is now receiving a platelet transfusion. They are...
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Donation Information

UPDATE: We need your help now! Reese is not getting better and the only option left to diagnose her condition is to put her under anesthesia and to do a CT scan of her heart and lungs and a tracheal wash to determine if there is an infection and if so what is causing it. This is extremely risky as her respiratory rate has not changed and continues to average around 50. The doctors cannot do...
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I am writing this with a heavy heart because on our 6th birthday, yesterday evening, we had to admit one of our little breeder rescues to the ICU. Reese, who has an approved furever family, was rushed to emergency when her breathing became labored. Within hours she got much, much worse. Unfortunately the doctors have been unable to figure out what the problem is. The two biggest concerns are...
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GUESS WHO'S BIRTHDAY IT IS? IT'S OURS! Happy 6th Birthday Furever Dachshund Rescue!