G-Star RAW
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25 dynamic and democratic prints that will turn your world upside-down and inside-out.
G-Star RAW
02/20/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
25 dynamic prints handpicked by Pharrell Williams that transcend boundaries and traditions.
G-Star RAW
02/18/2017 at 17:10. Facebook
Imagination meets innovation: welcome to Pharrell Williams’ first collection as our Head of Imagination. For G-Star Elwood X25 he handpicked 25 international, inspirational prints that are a match for any personality. bit.ly/GStarElwoodX25-M1
G-Star RAW
02/16/2017 at 08:12. Facebook
Iconic G-Star Elwood jeans now available in 25 unique prints handpicked by Pharrell Williams. Choose from a global melting pot of prints inspired from our archive, with patterns from Africa to the Alps, to match your personality.
Introducing the all-new method of 3D Denim construction: the Lanc jeans.

The new side of 3D Denim.

25 prints. Your pick. Get the first scoop of our new Spring/Summer ’17 campaign: a compilation of 25 archive-inspired prints curated by Pharrell Williams. Which one will you choose? [ Bit.ly Link ]
Elevated from closet classic to subversive statements, these tees and sweats have no problem doing all the talking: [ Bit.ly Link ]
From lightweight military parkas to washed-out denim, spring’s freshest finds have landed: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Join us as we follow G-Star’s designers through their process of creating Lanc: our newest 3D Denim. Like what you see? Grab your pair here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
See the collection that merges military and sports details into something more unexpected.

New Season. New Arrivals.

A closer look at the Lanc jeans: a brand new 3D Denim concept, straight from our innovation lab. [ Bit.ly Link ]
The second Raw Research collection officially launched at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The collection, led by our Creative Director Aitor Throup Studio (Official) will be available in selected concept stores from June 2017.
Meet Lanc, the new side of 3D Denim. Seamless on the side and contoured in the front – discover the jeans that are changing the game: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Designed under creative leadership of Aitor Throup Studio (Official), the next 3D Denim proved to be our most challenging project yet. In fact, it took our design team about two years of experimentations to achieve the desired result. Curious? Stay tuned to find out more.
The most distinctive silhouettes in outerwear, now updated for the next season. Check out our latest and greatest jackets to compliment your every look: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Two different methods of the 3D approach to construction merge in one, unleashing unprecedented possibilities. Grab your pair of the G-Star Elwood STAQ jeans before they’re gone: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Here’s to your best-dressed year yet.
Last but certainly not least, this special edition brings together parts of the 3D Denim past, present and future. Be the first to shop the G-Star Elwood STAQ jeans: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The final chapter in our yearlong series celebrating 20 years of the G-Star Elwood jeans is ready and waiting – keep your eyes peeled.