We are welcoming Spring this month with a new Designer Flash interview with the talented and charming designer Adam Lippes. Speaking with Hal Rubenstein Gabriel's Global Style Director, Lippes offers his view on women dressing for real life in today’s modern world and how our fine jewelry pairs effortlessly with his designs. Read more and view the podcast over on our website! [ Gabrielny.com...
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The results are in. It's a Yes! [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
An aesthetic that is all you. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
Celebrating Spring! Regina King was a ray of sunshine in our radiant Gabriel & Co. yellow gold pieces while she visited Good Morning America last week.

Here are links to everything Regina was wearing:
[ Gabrielny.com Link ] [ Gabrielny.com Link ] [ Gabrielny.com Link ] [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
One ring with all the right layers. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
One scene from a life well lived. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
May you be lucky in life and in love. Today and beyond. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
XOXO marks the spot.
[ Gabrielny.com Link ]
Amy Robach of Good Morning America wears a radiant sapphire bar necklace along with our one-of-a-kind intricate hoops and wide band fashion ring. [ Gabrielny.com Link ] [ Gabrielny.com Link ] [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
Wear what you love from who you love. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
Reminiscing on our Afghan Hands x Gabriel NY event last week. Thank you again to all who came, supported, and played a part. It truly was an amazing event!
There are three pathways to the heart. The first is through a smile, the second is through the senses and the third is through the soul. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
There's something golden here for you. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
We all breathe but only one takes our breath away. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
You are infinitely awesome. Remember that.
Thanks again to everyone for an amazing night. There will be many more like this to come from the Gabriel Love Foundation. Learn more about the foundation here: [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
Eyes open to all the possibilities. [ Gabrielny.com Link ]
Last night Gabriel & Co. co-hosted a charitable shopping event with Afghan Hands. Afghan Hands is a nonprofit organization that teaches skills to help Afghan widows gain independence, literacy, and livable wages. With their own hands, these women create beautiful shawls and scarves. Gabriel & Co.'s charitable efforts through the Gabriel Love Foundation have donated all proceeds from this event...
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