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Pewdiepie's done a tremendous amount of charitable work over the last few years, we take a look at his saner contributions to the world at large.

Nobody wants to tell you what’s Pewdiepie’s done for charity and he’s done a LOT
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Every now and then gamers want to explore their darker side in video games. While most (not all) video games make you play as a good guy, this new video game that actually puts you in the shoes of an inmate!

This New Open World Game Lets You Play as an Escaped Prisoner
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The Division's map is compared with Fallout 4 & GTA V in this video

Here’s The Division’s map size compared to Fallout 4 and GTA V
If you can't hide the wires, make them part of the decor.

Elite: Dangerous is a game that takes place in space, where you’ve got to explore and trade, and battle, all around the Milky Way. After a delay, the game was funded via kickstarter. It’s currently available for PC, Xbox One, and the PS4 version is coming in a few months. Despite your actions having...

After years, Elite: Dangerous players have finally found aliens in the game
Call of Duty 2017 Tease! WORLD WAR SETTING OT IS!

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