Gaming Fans
Gaming Fans
06/24/2017 at 21:05. Facebook
The standalone version of Modern Warfare: Remastered has finally been announced for everyone who took a pass on last year’s higher-end CoD bundles but still wants to relive the glory years. The
Gaming Fans 06/24/2017

Modern Warfare: Remastered officially confirmed but there is bad news
Melvin Rubio-Reyes
Nick Stamper
Rami El Merehbi
Gaming Fans
Gaming Fans
06/23/2017 at 15:03. Facebook
Chris Brewer
Marcus Hoffmeister
Gaming Fans
Gaming Fans
06/22/2017 at 13:19. Facebook
Several publishers have been getting hit with massive amounts of negative reviews on Steam recently, most notably Paradox for stripping away features that are essential to their games and hiding fixes behind DLC, which left many players feeling like the vanilla versions of the games were being made…
Gaming Fans 06/18/2017

GTA V Now Has This Terrible Status on Steam
Tobias Elmskov
Anthony Oressan
Jeremy Tremblay
Jakob Isaac Miles
Joshua Baker
David Martin
This could be the Call of Duty game we've all been waiting for!
Danny Muhr
Mckinzy Edwards
Pepe Gepunkt
Niklas Wikman
Ruchti David
Aaron Loth
Sarah Davis
Marc Decker
Johnny Osorio
Scott Robertson
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Lance Michael Rosciszewski
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Hannah Christine Marie
Simon Heath Oneill
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