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10/25/2016. Facebook
Don´t miss Business Insider amazing use of Dollar Street to show how most people live. [ Buff.ly Link ]
10/24/2016. Facebook
Gapminders love celebrating the Spirit of Official Statistics!
Come to Abu Dhabi on Dec. 6. and listen to Ola & Ola.
Submit papers before October 31 here [ Buff.ly Link ]
10/20/2016. Facebook
Today is World Statistics Day, October 20!

Our Fact-based worldview started south of Bagdad.

Eight hundred and one years after the birth of Jesus, another child was born, by a much richer family 170 kilometers south of Bagdad, in Kufa. He was given a much longer name: Abu Yūsuf Yaʻqūb ibn ʼIsḥāq aṣ-Ṣabbāḥ al-Kindī.

English Wikipedia just calls him “al-Kindi”.

In the beautiful world of...
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10/20/2016. Facebook
Imagine all teeth in the world were rearranged and sorted by monthly income. The poorest tooth to the left. The richest tooth to the right. :) — Smile! You're on Dollar Street: [ Is.gd Link ]
10/18/2016. Facebook
Now Dollar Street is live!

Imagine the world as a street. All houses are lined up by income, the poor living to the left and the rich to the right. Everybody else somewhere in between. Where would you live? Would your life look different than your neighbours’ from other parts of the world, who share the same income level? Dollar Street lets you find out. Welcome!

Our goal with Dollar Street...
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10/14/2016. Facebook
There is a need for fact checking within global health to guide the right prioritization of aid money - Helena Nordenstedt, Gapminder's Public Educator.

Hans Rosling slams false UN 'post-fact era' stats

10/11/2016. Facebook
Our Socio-Economic World Map is up to date!
The new Gapminder World poster shows fresh data for Life Expectancy and Income of all countries for 2015. Here is the pdf file: [ Buff.ly Link ]

All you Gapminders out there, fighting misconceptions on a daily basis: Print it out. Nail it on the wall next to the World Map, and show all your friends that THERE ARE NOT TWO GROUPS OF COUNTRIES! There...
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10/05/2016. Facebook
It's world teacher's day! Check out our blog to see what is keeping kids out of school (it's not gender).

What is keeping kids out of school? It’s not gender.

09/30/2016. Facebook
Join Ola & Ola celebrating the Spirit of Official Statistics in Abu Dhabi on Dec. 6. [ Iaos2016.ae Link ]
[ Facebook.com Link ]
(Submit papers before October 28.)
09/22/2016. Facebook
We won the Leonardo Award: Crossing Borders!
[ Buff.ly Link ]
09/16/2016. Facebook
Dollar Street featured in Austrian CSR magazine CorporAID! To find out how housing conditions change along economic, not geographical boundaries read Anna Rosling Rönnlund's interview here: [ Buff.ly Link ]
09/12/2016. Facebook
Gapminder got the New World Prize for International Integrated Development. What an honor!

The International Integrated Development World Prize

06/17/2016. Facebook
Thanks to the #Leonardoaward 2016 jury for selecting us in the Crossing Borders category! Happy to be recognised for focusing on the people behind the numbers. [ Leonardo-award.eu Link ]

Crossing Borders » Leonardo Award 2016 » Leonardo

02/06/2016. Facebook
Study Global Health at Karolinska Institute from anywhere in the world! For free! The new online course with Hans Rosling starts March 31!

An Introduction to Global Health

01/07/2016. Facebook
The change from large to small families reflects dramatic changes in peoples lives. In this TEDx video Hans Rosling talks about how this change plays out in Sweden, Singapore and in his own life.

Singapore in a global perspective | Hans Rosling | TEDxSingapore

Global trends and development through the lens of stats, sex, babies, and Singapore in a global perspective. In Hans Rosling’s hands, data sings. Global tren...

12/02/2015. Facebook
Anna Rosling-Rönnlund collects photographs of everyday objects from the richest to the poorest households. Even a toothbrush, she says, can reveal a world of inequalities.

What our toothbrushes tell us about inequality

11/23/2015. Facebook
When in Singapore Hans talked with Bloomberg on: Why data is not enough to understand the change in countries and markets. The example is how women in Singapore have half as many babies as women in Sweden do.
[ Bloomberg.com Link ]

Using Data to Update Your World View

11/23/2015. Facebook
When in London Hans made a 2 minute show on Channel4News. Look how World Income distribution changed during the last 50 years. It was 2 humps, rich and poor with a gap in the middle, but now it is a continuum where most people live in the middle. So strangely, while the distance from the highest to the lowest is wider than ever, the incomes of the world population are spread out between these...
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11/19/2015. Facebook
"it's not good news! It’s just news.It’s factual news. It appears good because the default worldview has so much negativity."
, says Ola Rosling, Gapminder's CEO, in the Guardian

The scientists with reasons to be cheerful

10/15/2015. Facebook
5 is the number of children per family below the poverty line!
2 is the number above the line.
When people get out of poverty, the average fertility drops to replacement quite fast, across all continents, cultures and religions.
Which tells us: Ending poverty SOONER is a smaller job. Delaying it, makes the task grow. The number of poor keeps multiplying as long as they are stuck! (Brutally...
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