Jays are beautiful and intelligent birds. Steller's jays like the one pictured here are found throughout much of western North America. What jay species live near you? Share your jay pics and stories in the comments below.

(This photo was submitted to our photo contest. Winners will be featured in National Wildlife magazine or website and could take home $5,000. Enter your wildlife photos...
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Not quite "backyard wildlife" related, but we thought you wild bird lovers would find this pretty fascinating. [ Newscientist.com Link ]

Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds

As winter wanes, early-breeding amphibians are starting to emerge from hibernation to lay eggs in temporary ponds called vernal pools. Wood frogs are among the first to appear, sometimes when there's still snow on the ground. Learn more about this species and the surprising adaptation to survive being frozen solid. Do you have wood frogs in your neighborhood? [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Frogs That Freeze Solid

The 2017 population status for monarch butterflies has been released. The species is still in trouble. Here's what you can do to help. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

New Numbers Show Monarch Butterfly Populations Still in Trouble

Do you get your kids or grandkids involved in your wildlife habitat garden? There's no better way to pass on your love of the birds and butterflies and make sure that future generations care enough to protect our planet. Here are our tips to engage the kiddies. [ Nwf.org Link ]

Kids Garden for Wildlife

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some fun wildlife facts from National Wildlife Federation to celebrate the holiday. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Valentine’s Day: A Holiday for Real Animals

We've got a Weekend Challenge for you: Nest Counting! With the bare trees and shrubs, winter is the perfect time to look for last year's bird nests. We challenge you to head outside this weekend and see how many you can find. Look in your yard, a local park, or even the street trees planted in your neighborhood. Count them, take a photo, and then share what you found in the comments. You're...
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Is it snowing where you live? Birds and other wildlife usually lay low during snowstorms, but you can go outside to appreciate the beauty of individual snowflakes. If you don't have the real deal where you are, we've got you covered here: [ Nwf.org Link ]

Nature's Witness: Freeze Frame - National Wildlife Federation

So many of you have shared incredible photos from your wildlife garden here. We hope you submit them to our annual Photo Contest to help inspire others to support the birds and butterflies and other "backyard wildlife." Plus, you could win $5,000! Here's how to enter. [ Nwf.org Link ]

National Wildlife Photo Contest

Some good advice as we plan out our wildlife habitat gardens for the spring. [ Nwf.org Link ]

Creating a Haven for Beneficial Bugs - National Wildlife Federation

How does the noise in our cities and towns affect birds, the people watching and studying them, and even plants? Check out the latest research featured in National Wildlife magazine. [ Nwf.org Link ]

Birds Coping with Chronic Clamor - National Wildlife Federation

It's Groundhog Day! These members of the squirrel family are found in the eastern U.S. and their cousins the marmots are found in the West. Though common, there's a lot of fascinating things you might not know about these furry creatures. Read the article to find out more, then share your pics of groundhogs in the comments below. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

10 Things You May Not Know About Groundhogs

Happy February! It's still the middle of winter but this is the month to really start planning your spring wildlife garden. Here are our tips for sowing native plants seeds indoors to they're ready to once spring arrives. What plants are you adding to your wildlife garden this spring? [ Nwf.org Link ]

Get Your Garden Growing in Winter - National Wildlife Federation

Great horned owl nesting season is almost here! Find out why and how these widespread owls can cope with nesting in the middle of winter. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Winter Weather’s Fine for Nesting Great Horned Owls

Who loves bluebirds? This eastern bluebird was photographed in participant Ken Rudd's Certified Wildlife Habitat yard in Illinois. It stopped to get a sip of water from his heated birdbath. Are you seeing bluebirds where you live? Share your pics in the comments below.
What kinds of wildlife are leaving evidence of their presence in your wildlife garden? Here's how to find out what critters are in your neighborhood in the winter. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Searching for Signs of Winter

You’ve created a wildlife habitat garden to help the birds, butterflies and other wildlife in your neighborhood. Now, that wildlife--and the clean air and water we all depend on—face a new threat. We're asking wildlife gardeners and bird lovers to raise their voices with us.

For the first time in our 80 year history, the National Wildlife Federation is opposing the nomination of a...
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The National Wildlife Federation Opposes Pruitt for EPA

Is there snow on the ground where you live? There's a whole hidden ecosystem created by snow, which provides both shelter and hunting opportunities for different species of wildlife. [ Nwf.org Link ]

Probing the Hidden World of Snow - National Wildlife Federation

Spring is right around the corner. What native plants for wildlife are you planning on adding this year? Listen to this episode of the Native Plant Podcast to hear the National Wildlife Federation's Naturalist David Mizejewski talking about why and how native plants support wildlife. [ Naturalist.nwf.org Link ]

Native Plant Podcast, May 2016 - David Mizejewski - National Wildlife Federation Naturalist

Our 46th annual photo contest is now open! In addition to cash prizes—and a $5,000 Grand Prize—winning photos will be featured in National Wildlife magazine or on its website. Help inspire others to protect nature with your photos of birds, butterflies, or other backyard wildlife, as well as images of your native plants or even your entire landscape.

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