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Autumn in the wildlife garden: a robin feasting on the berries of a Washington hawthorn (Crataegus phaenopyrum) tree.
All sorts of wildlife depend on trees to survive. Take our quiz and test your knowledge on how different animals use trees -- including the trees in your wildlife habitat garden. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Riddle Me This: Who Depends on Trees?

Happy Thanksgiving! Wild turkeys were once almost totally wiped out, but today there are 7 million of them thanks to conservation efforts.They might even be living in your neighborhood. Here are our tips on how you can provide habitat and natural food sources so these spectacular birds can thrive. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

6 Tips for Feeding Wild Turkeys with Your Garden

It's starting to get cold out there and birds and other wildlife are looking for cover from the elements and predators. Here are four ways you can provide cover in your yard year-round. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Four Ways to Provide Cover for Wildlife

Next week is Thanksgiving. How much do you know about the animal that's the symbol of the holiday? [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Twelve Unusual and Fascinating Facts About Wild Turkeys

We've got brand new Certified Wildlife Habitat yard signs!
We offer these special signs exclusively to folks who create wildlife-friendly yards or gardens and have participated in our Garden for Wildlife program.

The signs incorporate the National Wildlife Federation's new logo, which features Ranger Rick, who for 50 years has been our ambassador representing our work to protect wildlife....
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A year round-water source is a great way to attract birds. Here are some suggestions on water features for your yard. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Four Ways to Provide Water for Birds

As we age, maintaining our wildlife gardens can become more challenging. Here are our tips on how to continue to enjoy your garden no matter your age or ability. [ Nwf.org Link ]

Gardening Tips for Seniors - National Wildlife Federation

Here are some of the kinds of animals that will benefit from a wildlife-friendly garden. What species are you seeing where you live? Share pics and stories if you have them. [ Nwf.org Link ]


Bird feeders are a fun way to supplement natural food sources and attract more feathered friends. Join us for a Facebook Live video right here today at 1:30pm eastern to learn all about feeder dos and don'ts from the National Wildlife Federation.
Autumn in the wildlife garden: a robin feasting on the berries of a Washington hawthorn (Crataegus phaenopyrum) tree.
Do you feed the birds? Here's info on five different feeders approved by the National Wildlife Federation and the kinds of birds they attract. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Five Ways to Feed Birds

Halloween is over but it's never too late to appreciate bats! Test your knowledge of these important flying mammals with our quiz and let us know if you learned anything new. [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

Trick or Treat: What do you know about bats?

A wonderfully autumnal picture of an eastern bullfrog in a pond filled with fallen leaves, taken by Don White and shared in our Garden for Wildlife Flickr group. Soon, amphibians will be entering hibernation as the weather turns colder, but it's nice to see this big guy before he begins his winter sleep in the mud at the bottom of the pond. Are frogs still active where you live?


Happy Halloween! Here is the truth about thirteen kinds of wildlife we associate with the holiday. Did you know? [ Blog.nwf.org Link ]

13 Halloween Wildlife Myths โ€“ Debunked!