Pelargonium seeds can be sown now. Discover six stunning varieties...

Six of the best pelargoniums to grow
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Tips for sowing seeds early
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Four easy-care vegetables to grow
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How to start a new vegetable patch
Discover 10 seeds you can sow in January, including flowers, veg and culinary herbs...

10 seeds to sow in January
Pruning a newly-planted shrub is known as formative pruning, as it directs its future shape. Here’s how to do it.

How to formatively prune a deciduous shrub
Now's the time to sow sweet peas. In this feature, we recommend 10 beautiful and fragrant varieties.

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Save money by growing your own bird food. Discover seven planting ideas.

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In this video, David Hurrion shows you how to prune a spring-flowering shrub, to help control size and promote flowering.

How to prune spring-flowering shrubs
One of the best ways to recycle kitchen waste is to create a wormery. Find out how to make your own: [ Link ]

How to set up a wormery
Start strawberries under cover in January, and you’ll be rewarded with an early crop from May. Here’s how:

How to grow early strawberries
Discover 10 seeds you can sow in January, including flowers, veg and culinary herbs: [ Link ]

10 seeds to sow in January
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Dry, sandy soil needn’t be a problem if you choose your plants wisely. Here are six suggestions: [ Link ]

Six plants for light and stony soil
Watch Monty’s advice on planting a bare-root tree, including tips on planting depth, staking and mulching...

Monty Don: How to plant a bare-root tree
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How to make a cloche for seeds
Digging your soil, and incorporating organic matter, helps to improve its quality. Get to work this winter: [ Link ]

How to dig beds in winter
Rooting houseplant cuttings in water is a free and effective way of propagating your plants. Follow our guide: [ Link ]

How to take cuttings from houseplants
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