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03/23/2017 at 13:55. Facebook
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Online radio revolution takes hold | IOL
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#GetWellUncleKathy - On this #HumanRightsDay, join Gareth Cliff as he revisits his interview with Ahmed Kathrada... listen to the podcast at [ Link ]
Gareth Cliff
03/19/2017 at 07:56. Facebook
It has on Sunday morning been confirmed that veteran actor Joe Mafela died in a car accident on Saturday night.

Veteran actor Joe Mafela died in a car accident - police
Best thing about coming home! #Carl. Also looking forward to being back with you on Monday morning #GCS
Gareth Cliff is in Autin, Texas for #SXSW2017, and he shares some of his thoughts and experiences from the most interesting convention in the world.

#SXSW2017 - CliffCentral
Dave Rubin is a political commentator, media personality and creator of The Rubin Report. He and Gareth Cliff discuss American identity politics, libertarianism, the media in America, and the value of being culturally connected and secular. Listen to the podcast - [ Link ]
Gareth Cliff presented a compelling case against censorship last night to the Free Market Foundation. Here is an edited version of his superb contribution.

Gareth Cliff: I'll defend your right to speak out to the death - especially if I disagree with you.
Experience Nedbank’s Re-Imagination Project - an initiative aimed at demonstrating how when money is well managed, can make a real difference in people’s lives - at Design Indaba... on now until 3 March 2017.
Listen to the interviews from The Gareth Cliff Show at [ Link ]
Don't miss my chat with Gad Saad on CliffCentral today just before 8am SA time - or download the podcast later ;) This conversation is going to make a few gender activists' heads explode - [ Link ] | Home
#PodcastOfTheWeek - Letshego Zulu shares the tragic story of losing her husband Gugu and more with Gareth Cliff...
Listen: [ Link ]
The most beautiful video of Cape Town has been released making us proud of South Africa and proudly South African.

The most incredible video showcasing Cape Town. Just wow.
Sias du Plessis provides sports fans with a podcast specialising in MotoGP, MMA, and of course Football. For the show page click here

The Ginger's Perspective Podcasts - CliffCentral

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Gareth Cliff left mainstream radio to head up a Digital radio station. CliffCentral is changing the way South African's access radio.

CliffCentral is changing the face of Digital Radio in South Africa
When Gareth Cliff left national terrestrial radio in March 2014, many would not have believed almost three years later, that change would be a watershed in South African radio.,… From ahead of the curve, to looming mainstream